FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Teplice - Liberec 1:2
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Fortuna League, Round 7: FK Teplice – Slovan Liberec 1:2

Derek OBrien
After a long break, the highest Czech competition started this weekend. Slovan found themselves in the seventh round in Teplice, where we tend to struggle. In addition, a large part of our staff was missing, both due to a positive test for COVID-19 and other health reasons. In the first half, Kačaraba and Pešek took care of Slovan´s goals with the captain´s armband. In the second half, Knobloch defeated the penalty, and even though we finished with 10 men, we were fortunate to win 2-1!
7.kolo, Monday 9.11.2020, 14:00
Teplice Teplice

Grigar - Černý, Heidenreich, Mareček (46. Knapík), Vukadinović - Fortelný, Kučera (C), Žitný (65. Mareš), Moulis, Trubač (65. Vondrášek) - Řezníček


Knobloch - Kačaraba (C), Jugas, Pourzitidis - Pešek, Michal, Nešický (90. Černický), Hromada, Kosek - Matoušek (90+4. Dvořák), Rondić

Goals: 16. Trubač - 14. Kačaraba, 24. Pešek. Yellow cards: 37. Řezníček, 74. Knapík - 51. Pešek, 67. Hromada, 80. Nešický. Red cards: 90+2. Vondrášek - 70. Pešek. Referees: Pechanec – Hrabovský, Ratajová.


The home team took the first big chance of the match, Kučera relaxed and stamped the stick of Knobloch's goal with his heel. The Liberec goalkeeper got his way around in time and then covered the ball. In the seventh minute, Černý shot from behind the lime, and this time our goalkeeper was ready. The first corner was played by Slovan in the 15th minute, Nešický sent a nice cross into the lime. Taras Kačaraba managed to detach himself from the defending player and did not give Grigar a chance. However, the Teplice team answered in just two minutes. Fortelný prepared a jumping pass for Daniel Trubač, who leaned well into the ball and his attempt from behind the lime swam under the crossbar to level the scores at 1. In the 19th minute another corner of Slovan came, Nešický was looking for captain Kačarab again, this time it was a big chance, unfortunately the header flew off three bars.

In the 24th minute, Rondić managed to relax and hurried to the goal of Teplice. He himself got a little tangled up in the loops, but in the end he solved the whole situation perfectly. He waited for the start of Jakub Pešek, recorded and the Liberec wingtell did not hesitate. He threw a low dredger to Grigar, who probably slipped during the operation and got the ball off the post and in for the go-ahead goal. At the end of the half, Teplice rejoiced at the comparison after Kačaraba's unlucky own goal, who tried to block the pass to Řezníček in a slip. However, after reviewing the situation by the video referee, the goal was not allowed. So the teams went to their dressing rooms with Slovan in front 2-1.

At the beginning of the second half, Vukadinović shot in a good position in the center from the left, but only overshot. On the other hand, Rondić got into the break after passing Pile. He tried to turn Grigar over, but he was missing a few centimeters, the Teplice goalkeeper pulled his lob with his fingertips. In the 60th minute, the video was in action again, as Hromada played with his hand in the lime. The penalty kick was set by Řezníček, but Knobloch caught the direction well and caught his attempt, the score did not change. Two minutes later, Trubač found a good position, he finished from the lime against Knobloch, the Liberec goalkeeper pulled out a great intervention again.

The complication occurred in the 70th minute, when Pešek was eliminated after the second yellow card and Slovan had to finish with 10 players. Teplice, especially in the last 15 minutes, occupied the attacking half and pushed Slovan. Řezníček had a great opportunity after a scrum in the lime, but Kačaraba several times in the fall and blocked the dangerous opportunities of Teplice while lying down. In the setting, Matoušek rushed to the counterattack, was fouled by Vondrášek and he rightly saw a red card immediately. We didn't see another goal in the rest of the match and Slovan sensationally won 2-1 with a weakened line-up!

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