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In connection with the reorganization of youth competitions within the Czech Football Association, but also in the effort to make another important step in professionalization of education of young football talents, the Football Academy was established at FC Slovan Liberec in 2011; thanks to that event, our Club was incorporated among selected Youth Sports Centres (for junior category) and Youth Sports Departments (for pupil category).

Increased emphasize on education of young football players has reflected both in increased number of professional trainers attending individual youth teams and in improved facilities of the Letka training grounds that have undergone significant reconstruction including enlargement of training grass areas. Additionally to the above stated grounds, reserved only for youth teams, the Academy makes also use of training areas in the U Nisy stadium as well as areas of other sports grounds of Liberec. Also the scouting of the club has been strengthened in order to find more talented football players (not only) from the Liberec Region, and emphasis is put also on further professional education of our youth trainers.

About three hundred young sportsmen in thirteen age groups are devoted to football within FC Slovan Liberec, which ranks our Academy among the biggest performance sports centres for youth in the Liberec Region. The best players represent our Club also in selected representation teams of the respective age categories, and the goals is of course to find more and more Club charges asserted in the League team in the future.

The education and training of young football players starts in the earliest school age, and particularly the first years put great emphasis on funny training form with the help of different games and exercises preparing the way not only for football development but also for universal sports development of the children. But extra-sports development of young football players as well as synchronization of school and sports program is paid attention as well. Close cooperation with selected local primary and secondary school takes place for that purpose.

Football Academy - staff
director of the Academy Petr Myslivec
secretary of the Academy Zdeněk Schovánek
scout of the Academy Petr Vaníček
chief coach U16-U19, coach U17 Jiří Kaiser
chief coach U12-U15, coach U15 Martin Janošík
chief coach U6-U11 Milan Šimoníček
coach U19 Tomáš Nosek
coach U16 Petr Papoušek
coach U14 Lukáš Novotný
coach U13 Jiří Štol ml.
coach U12 Petr Koudelka

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