FC Slovan Liberec | Slovan beats Žižkov 3:1 after overtime in third round of MOL-Cup
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Slovan beats Žižkov 3:1 after overtime in third round of MOL-Cup

Clemens Geisser
L i b e r e c - Our squad faced a tough challenge against the FNL-squad (second tier) Viktoria and the winterly conditions. On the artificial pitch in Doubí Faško, Koscelník and Rondič scored the goals for our team.

Both teams struggled with the adverse conditions at Doubí where the match took place. Temperatures far below zero and heavy snowfall took their toll on the match´s quality.

Head coach Hoftých gave some players that are new or don´t play often a chance to proove themselves in the cup match. Newly signed Jakub Nečas had a nice moment in the 20th minute when he broke through on the right wing. Unfortunately, he slipped on the icy ground before he could target the goal.

Another new face, namely Michal Faško, did better. The Slovak stayed cool against goalie Švenger and scored shortly before the half time whistle.

Žižkov equalized in the second half with a header from Josef Bazal. Slovan hence increased pressure and gained quite a number of corner kicks but didn´t change the result. Neither did the opponents, although they had the big chance for a cup surprise in the 82nd minute, but the shot went slightly over the bar.

The draw after 90 minutes resulted in extra time. Here Slovan stayed cool as the icy wind that blew down from the Ještěd mountain and scored twice within the first half of extra time. Hoftých had shown a lucky hand when doing his subsitutions in the 57th minute, as both players scored later in the game. Firstly, Martin Koscelník, who completed the ´Slovak festivities´ on this afternoon, pronlonged a ball from Rabušic which ended in the net. The final goal scored Imad Rondič in a hustle and bustle situation close to the goal after 100 minutes.

This meant victory in the third MOL-Cup round. The second victory against a Viktoria team within one week


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