FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Gent - Liberec 1:2
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Europa League, Group stage: KAA Gent – Slovan Liberec 1:2

Derek OBrien
Slovan went to Ghent with the goal of maintaining third place in the group stage of the Europa League and did so. Mara opened the scoring after a nice combination with Pešek and Kačaraba added the second goal. Shortly afterwards, Yaremchuk brought Gent within one, but that’s as close as they came. The end of the match was marked by the opponent´s frustration, but nothing changed in the result. Slovan won 2-1 and will keep third place in the table.
GROUP L, Thursday 3.12.2020, 18:55, Ghelamco Arena
Gent Gent
Gent: Bolat – Hanche-Olsen, Arslanagić, Fortuna – Castro-Montes (57. Kleindienst), Dorsch, Owusu (62. Bezus), Kums, Mohammadi – Bukari – Yaremchuk.
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Jugas, Kačaraba, Mikula - Sadílek, Mara - Pešek (75. Matoušek), Beran (67. Hromada) - Júsuf (85. Rabušic), Mosquera.
Goals: 60. Yaremchuk – 24. Mara, 55. Júsuf. Yellow cards: 52. Mohammadi, 75. Kums, 86. Hanche-Olsen, 90+3. Bukari, 90+6. Yaremchuk – 79. Mara, 85. Matoušek, 90+2. Sadílek, 90+7. Rabušic. Referees: K. Monzul – O. Ardasheva, M. Striletska.


Ghent’s Ghanaian striker Bukari got into the first big chance of the match, taking a quick pass and running in alone on the goalkeeper. However, he could not overcome Nguyen. Shortly afterwards, Mohammadi went around Koscelník's corner flag and passed to his teammate Castro-Montes. Mara got to him in time and successfully shut down the chance. After a corner kick, Júsuf’s header just barely missed the left post. It was Bukari again who was behind another home opportunity. He easily bypassed Jugas, but Nguyen had the situation under control and successfully stopped him.

On the right wing, midfielder Kums got to the ball and Ghent had another chance. The striker Yaremchuk became the recipient of his pass, but thanks to Kačaraba's good defence, he had a very difficult position, only managing to shoot well wide. After a Ghent corner, Slovan launched a quick counterattack led by Mara and Pešek. Beyond the penalty area, Pešek sent the ball to Kamsa Maru, who finished nicely with the help of a defender in the middle of the goal and scored the first goal of the match.

Right at the beginning of the second half, Yaremchuk found space for a shot, but aimed too far to the left of the goal. In a very dangerous position, Pešek earned a free kick, which was taken by Júsuf. He didn't kick him badly at all, but only hit the goalkeeper with a ground shot. Pešek sent another standard situation from a great distance directly on the head of Mosquery, who headed for the goalkeeper. Boas only came off the ball and Taras Kačaraba got there fastest. A short while later, after a nice combination, Roman Yaremchuk got into a shot and hit the lower left corner of the goal from just outside the area. The very intense pace of the game continued, and one minute after the goal, Júsuf hit the post after an individual rush.

After a huge passing mistake, Júsuf got a chance but missed. Subsequently, he tried to correct his mistake with a sharp shot from a great distance, not missing by much. At the end of the match, the Liberec defence was working well, not allowing Ghent any major chances. The last minutes were full of frustration on the part of the home side, who were unable to get out of their own half. No more goals were scored, and Liberec won 2-1 to maintain third place.

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