FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Steaua Bukurešť - Liberec 0:2
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Europa League, Q3: FCSB – Slovan Liberec 0:2

In the third preliminary round, Slovan encountered the Romanian side FCSB. The whole match was accompanied by complications associated with the coronavirus, as several players on the Romanian team tested positive. In the end, the match took place and Slovan were able to take advantage of the weakening of the Romanian team. Thanks to goals by Júsuf and Rabušice, we are advancing to the fourth round of the Europa League!
Q3, Thursday 24.9.2020, 19:30, Stadionul Marin Anastasovici, Giurgiu
Steaua Bukurešť Steaua Bukurešť
Steaua Bukurešť: Straton - Enache, Cana, Soiledis, Pantiru - Simion, Perianu (C), Sut - Petre (68. Ion), Karanović (10. Popescu), David Caiado
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Kačaraba, Tijani, Mikula (C) - Beran (52. Rabušic), Hromada, Mara, Pešek (85. Matoušek) - Júsuf (89. Chaluš), Mosquera
Goals: 64. Júsuf, 82. Rabušic. Yellow cards: 14. Perianu - 44. Pešek, 47. Beran, 69. Júsuf. Red cards: 20. Cana. Referees: Aghayev - Zeynalov, Amirali.


In the third minute, Pešek and Koscelník exchanged the ball very neatly. The latter passed from the edge of the penalty area, but unfortunately did not find any teammates. Sut shot a hard shot in the middle, but Nguyen just managed to make a save to keep the ball out of the net. Slovan finished dangerously a few minutes later when Aries fired around the corner almost unprepared. His attempt may have resulted in an open goal, but one of the defenders reacted and the ball went off.

In the 20th minute, he was fouled just in front of Mosquer's goal, which would continue on Straton alone. The referee decided to book Cana and Slovan had an interesting standard situation just outside the area. Júsuf decided to attack the goalkeeper directly and Straton had to kick the ball away. A moment later, Pešek had a great chance, placing himself in the middle and just missed the left post with a header. At the end of the half, Júsuf relaxed in the air and headed hard on the ground, Straton set off.

Immediately at the beginning of the second half, Júsuf shot from a small lime, but the ball was too high and the home team's goal was not endangered. With 51 minutes played, Petre had a fantastic opportunity to reply but his shot flew harmlessly into the side-netting of the goal. The Liberec goalkeeper ran out in time and sent the shot away with his hand. Pavel Hoftych decided to liven up the game and, substituting Rabušic, after a few minutes on the pitch had a chance to score. After a pass from the corner, the header was headed to the open part of the goal, the goalie FCSB set off. Over time, Slovan began to put more pressure on the Romanian team, and the footballers in blue created several promising opportunities. Unfortunately, none of them ended up in the goal.

It is worth mentioning the head of Júsuf in the 61st minute, on the goal line he saved the home team Sut. The joy of the Slavs could finally erupt three minutes later. From the corner he managed to hit Júsuf Halil, at the far post he found the ball in the jump and sent Slovan with a header to lead 1-0. The FCSB rushed into a dangerous break, but Kačaraba intervened perfectly and prevented the attack. In the 82nd minute another corner of Slovan came, this time Michael Rabušic broke through to the header and calmed Liberec with a goal to make it 2-0.

Slovan managed to create chances even with the safe lead, and some really didn't miss by much. But FCSB could no longer answer, so Slovan won 2-0 and advance to the next round!

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