FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Opava - Liberec 1:1
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Fortuna League, Round 10: SFC Opava – Slovan Liberec 1:1

In round 10 of the FORTUNA:LIGA, Slovan had to travel to Silesia to face SFC Opava. The two teams were separated by only 3 points on the table, with our team ranked 10th and Opava at the bottom in 16th place. Slovan were the first to take the lead when Petar Musa made a mistake on defence, but then Dedič answered. In the end, there were two substitutions, but Liberec could only hold onto another 1-1 draw.
10.kolo, Saturday 21.9.2019, 16:30
Opava Opava
Opava: Šrom – Hrabina, Simerský, Svozil, Žídek – Schaffartzik, Zavadil – Manzia (84. Helebrand), Jursa (60. Mondek), Šulc (76. Souček F.) – Dedič
Liberec: Nguyen - Fukala, Kačaraba, Mikula, Hybš - Breite (C), Oscar - Malinský (88. Mara), Baluta (90+2. Karafiát), Pešek (74. Koscelník) - Musa
Goals: 59. Dedič - 53. Musa. Yellow cards: 42. Dedič, 68. Zavadil - 36. Pešek, 50. Breite, 78. Oscar, 90+1. Kačaraba. Referees: Franěk – Blažej, Vlasjuk.


The kick-off of the match was taken by Liberec. Slovan started a bit more actively, and in the 7th minute the ball came in frontn to Pešek, but he didn’t manage to react in time and only found goalkeeper Šroma. At the other end, Nguyen was ready for a blast from Šulc and caught the ball in time. In the first 25 minutes, both teams defended well and whenever there was a mistake, any chance was extinguished by a foul. Things changed in the 27th minute, when Malinský took advantage of a turnover and fired on the goalkeeper, but the ball was knocked away by Baluta.

Another chance for Liberec followed, and it was again the Romanian offensive midfielder. This time chose an unusual option, with his lobbying attempt missing the goal altogether. At the end of the half, Opava also threatened with a shot from Zavadila bending just around the right post. Simerský fought his way to a header in the 38th minute, but Nguyen timed it perfectly and intercepted. And so the players went to their dressing rooms in a scoreless tie.

Chances were scarce early in the second half, but that changed in the 52th minute when Zavadil's was looking for Dedič, but the Liberec defense managed to thwart it. That immediately led to the first goal of the match at the other end, when Petar Musa actively attacked and managed to move the ball between the running goalkeeper and Simerský, who misjudged. Our striker had a simple job and hit the empty cage to make it 1-0. The Slovan lead did not last long, however, as Zavadil’s centring pass got through to René Dedič, who leveled the scores at 1-1 .

Slovan had a chance to take the lead back on a quick break by Malinský, but like Baluta in the first half, he couldn’t hit the empty goal. The Liberians tried to lead the goal, Fukala got to the shot in the lime, and Šrom cleared it away. At the end, Kačaraba sent a header that the Opava goalie punched away from under the crossbar. The pressure in the last minutes came from Slovan, but then came two substitutions in the form of Mara and Karafiát and Slovan only took one point from a 1-1 draw.

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