FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Slovácko 1:1
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Fortuna League, Round 10: Slovan Liberec – Slovácko 1:1

Derek OBrien
1. FC Slovácko visited the U Nisy stadium, with whom we have never lost at home in history and nothing has changed today. In the first half, Daníček Matouška fouled in the lime, for which he received a red card. Rabušic converted the subsequent penalty. Shortly after the start of the second half, Kačaraba received a second yellow card and a moment later Reinberk called the corner. The match ended 1-1.
10.kolo, Monday 7.12.2020, 18:00, U Nisy
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Nguyen – Fukala, Chaluš, Kačaraba, Mikula – Sadílek, Hromada (75. Beran) – Matoušek (75. Júsuf), Nešický (60. Jugas), Pešek (67. Koscelník) – Rabušic (60. Rondić).
Slovácko: Bajza – Reinberk, Hofmann, Kadlec, Kalabiška – Havlík, Daníček – Petržela (71. Jurečka), Sadílek, Navrátil – Kliment (74. Kubala).
Goals: 23. Rabušic – 59. Reinberk. Yellow cards: 17. Rabušic, 34. Sadílek, 51. Kačaraba, 60. Hromada – 31. Kadlec, 48. Kalabiška. Red cards: 55. Kačaraba – 22. Daníček. Rozhodčí: Rejžek – Mojžíš, Bureš.


Slovácko was behind the first chance of the match, when Navrátil got to the shot after a bad pass. However, he only hit Nguyen, who ran well and on time. Out of nowhere, our team worked out a beautiful action, which ended with a shot by Matoušek from the penalty area. The Liberec midfielder hit the crossbar, but he was obviously pulled by the defender of Slovácko. The referee reviewed the action on the video and finally whistled the penalty and Daníček received a red card. Michael Rabušic took over the penalty kick, but did not hesitate and expertly turned the penalty kick into the middle of the goal with an arc.

After receiving the goal, Slovácko tried to put pressure. However, the Moravian club only got to long inaccurate centers and Petržela tried his luck at the border of the penalty area. His violent shot, however, aimed very high above the Liberec goal. At the end of the first half, however, the guests worked out a huge chance. Kalabišek was only a few centimeters away in the lime to hang Reinberk's great center. Shortly afterwards, Rabušic headed in the middle from the right side, but from a very difficult position, his shot flew far from the left pole.

Right in the first minute of the second part, Pešek got into a huge chance, who was sent to the lime by Sadílek's pass. He came in front of the goalkeeper, but with his shot from a very sharp angle, the goalkeeper Bajza dealt with it expertly. In a very quick sequence, Kačaraba received two yellow cards in the 51st and 55th minutes, so Slovan had to finish the match in ten players as well. It didn't take long and Slovácko got into a big chance in the absence of our stopper, which Fukala turned into a corner. Havlík took over the subsequent start-up and Petr Reinberk, who was alone, converted with a header from right in front.

Rondić tried to find the answer to Slovácko's goal, who could score his first goal in FORTUNA:LIGA. Unfortunately, at the time of the pass, he was in an offside position and the goal did not pay. The following minutes, the game lacked virtually any greater chance, it was played very combatively. The turning point could be the action of Aries and Koscelník, after whose very accurate center Rondić got to the shot. Unfortunately, he only hit the right part of the goal structure. The rest of the match did not bring any drama, so it ended 1-1 and the home invincibility against Slovácko continues.

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