FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Zlín - Liberec 0:1
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Fortuna League, Round 11: FC Fastav Zlín – FC Slovan Liberec 0:1

In Friday´s 11th round of FORTUNA:LIGA, Slovan made a long trip to Zlín. Coach Hornyak did not expect a simple job. With a third of their fixtures played, Zlín were in 5th place with 20 points, so Slovan lost three riders and seven points to his rival. The Slovan was the first half. I will turn the other on the other hand. 64 minutes into the game, however, Podio and Potočný were eliminated after a long shot by a long shot 1-0.
11.kolo, Saturday 6.10.2018, 18:00, Letná
Zlín Zlín
Zlín: Dostál - Hnaníček (87. Vyhnal), Buchta, Gajić - Matějov, Podio, Hronek (59. Holík Libor), Jiráček, Bartošák - Beauguel, Železník (C) (73. Jakubov).
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula, Kačaraba, Karafiát, Kerbr - Potočný (84. Hybš), Breite (C), Ševčík, Malinský (74. Aarons) - Oscar - Oršula (88. Koscelník).

Goal: 68. Potočný

Yellow cards: 26. a 64. Podio, 44. Gajić, 91. Jakubov - 28. Potočný, 38. Oršula, 67. Malinský, 92. Koscelník, 92. Nguyen

Red card: 64. Podio

Referees: Houdek - Moláček, Podaný

Diváci: 3182


The beginning of the match went better for Slovan. Five minutes in, Breite was fouled from behind. The subsequent direct free kick of Sevcik hit Kerbra squarely in the head, which was about a meter away. Liberec were still a little more on the ball. In the 13th minute, Potočný was out. A few moments later, Oršula beautifully handled the ball and hit the bar. At the other end, Nguyen had his hands full with an unpleasant centre.

In the 22nd minute, the home side claimed a penalty when Beauguel fell in area after a battle with Kačaraba, but the referee didn’t agree. There wasn’t much offence, so the biggest excitement in the first half hour of the game was the yellow cards to Zlín’s Podia and Liberec’s Potočný. At 35 minutes, Malinský had only one defender to beat, but from the corner, he couldn’t take advantage of anything and Zlín were quick on the counter. The timely back-checking of Mikula, however, hindered their efforts.

Five minutes before halftime, Nguyen collided with head-to-head with Karafiát and went down, but after a brief scare, was able to continue. At the end of the first half, Kačaraba went down and Zlín’s Hronek moved from the left side for a chance, but the shot from the centre went wide. Slovan had more ball possession in the first half, but other than the crossbar by Oršula, did not really threaten, and so the teams went into the break at 0-0.

Petr Ševčík had to be treated for the second half. After a few minutes, he was back on the pitch and watched as the centre from ex-Liberec player Bartošák missed Nguyen's goal. Zlín pressed hard but were not able to get a shot on goal. In the 63rd minute, Nguyen shouted as he turned back Beauguel's header from the goal.

In the 64th minute, Breite passed between two defenders and seemed to run halfway alone to Dostál. Podio, however, pulled the rescue brake and took out our captain's feet, which earned him the second yellow and a red card from the referee. Slovan used the man advantage very quickly. Four minutes later, Potocny broke out and Dostál made a great shot from a distance to make it 1-0.

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