FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Slavia - Liberec 3:0
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Fortuna League, Round 11: Slavia Praha – Slovan Liberec 3:0

Derek OBrien
Liberec / Prague - In the 11th round of FORTUNA:LIGA, a difficult opponent in the form of Prague´s Slavia was waiting for Slovan. Slovan started with a clear goal, namely to benefit from break situations. However, Slavia´s defense was firm and cautious. Despite a sympathetic and combative performance, the Liberec footballers failed to score a goal. After two goals by Sima and a goal by Olayinka, we lost by a difference of three goals.
11.kolo, Sunday 13.12.2020, 18:30
Slavia Slavia
Slavia: Kolář - Masopust, Kúdela, Zima, Bořil (C) - Oscar, Provod (80. Takács) - Sima (82. Karafiát), Stanciu (70. Traoré), Olayinka (80. Malínský) - Kuchta (79. Tecl).
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Chaluš, Tijani, Mikula (C) - Sadílek (63. Michal), Mara - Pešek (52. Rondić), Matoušek (75. Nešický), Mosquera (75. Fukala) - Júsuf (63. Rabušic).
Goals: 23. a 75. Sima, 45+1. Olayinka. Yellow cards: 11. Sadílek. 27. Júsuf, 68. Mosquera. Referees: Marek - Paták, Kotík.


In the 6th minute, Provod tried to check out Nguyen, but from a sharp angle he only hit the side of the net. At the other end, from a respectable distance, Pešek tried to threaten but his shot flew wide of the right post. In the 13th minute, Kuchta threw a huge chance, Sima passed to the running striker. He only set his foot in the area and his attempt hit the right post of Nguyen's goal. In the 18th minute, Matoušek ran alone on Kolář after Zima's mistake, but Slavia's goalkeeper was on the ground in time and Matoušek's attempt was thwarted by his hand.

The home team rejoiced in the first goal of the match, Abdallah Sima jumped on the corner and Nguyen had no chance on his header. The whole situation was reviewed for a long time by a video referee, because after a fight with Kuchta, Koscelník remained lying on the ground, and the goal was finally recognized. After 40 minutes of play, Koscelník evened things up for FC with an impressive goal coming up the middle. At the end of the half, Slavia struck once more, Peter Olayinka overtook Koscelník and his header increased the difference to two goals.

The setting in the first half really belonged to Slavia, Sima managed to relax perfectly with a run for the defense and finished against Nguyen. Fortunately, he didn't hit the space between the three bars this time.

At the beginning of the second part of the match, Slovan had the opportunity in the form of a standard situation just behind the lime. Yusuf built the balloon, trying to shoot down the wall, but without success. Slovan tried to dramatize the duel, but did not get into Slavia's defense easily. He had a chance after the center of Mosquery Mara, he aimed only in the middle of the goal. Another opportunity was created by Mosquera, who seized the fallen center behind the defense and sent a ground shot at the back pole, Kolář ready.

Although Slovan was a slightly better team in the second half, another goal was added by the talented Abdallah Sima, after a great pass Masopust had a simple situation and did not despise the chance of an empty goal. Four minutes before the end of the basic playing time, Rondić was still shooting, Kolář could only look back at the attempt outside the goal. Slovan were not able to score and lost 3-0 to Slavia.

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