FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Opava 2:0
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Fortuna League, Round 12: Slovan Liberec – SFC Opava 2:0

Derek OBrien
Liberec - The Silesian side entered the match without several players who tested positive, and Slovan took advantage en route to a 2-0 win over Opava. In the 2nd minute, Michael Rabušic converted a penalty and Taras Kačaraba increased the lead before the half.
12.kolo, Wednesday 16.12.2020
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Nguyen - Fukala, Jugas, Kačaraba, Mikula - Pešek, Sadílek, Hromada (79. Mara), Mosquera (54. Beran) - Júsuf (54. Matoušek (80. Koscelník)), Rabušic (61. Rondič)
Opava: Kubný - Blažej, Didiba, Večerka, Hrabina, Harazim - Tiehi, Dordič (76. Smilek), Helešic, Rataj (62. Kramář) - Juřena
Goals: 2. Rabušic (pen), 40. Kačaraba. Referees: Hrubeš – Kotalík, Pečenka. Yellow cards: 17. Hromada - Dordič.


Slovan had an excellent start to the match. The young Jaromír Blažej took down Michael Rabušic in the area and the fouled man set the ball on the penalty spot. He perfectly faked out goalkeeper Kubný and perfectly found his mark.

Opava had a chance to level in the 15th minute, as Štěpán Harazim appeared in front of the goal, but he couldn’t finish from the immediate vicinity, instead directing the pass just wide of the right post. The free-flowing football from both sides continued, and Hromada got the next chance. He fired from a few meters out, but the away goalkeeper was able to kick out of the volley away from the goal.

After 39 minutes, Rabušic got through on the right and was very close to doubling the home lead, but didn't get the shot away. A short time later, Mosquera sent the ball to Mikula, who extended the pass to Taras Kačaraba. He sent his header unmistakably into the net. The second half started similarly to the first. Slovan held on to the ball and launched one attack after another at the Opava goal. After a double substitution, Matoušek flashed with a handsome action, replacing Júsuf, and after a sprint on the left side, he served the ball to Rabušic, who missed the goal only narrowly with a beautiful heel.

Only a moment later, after a pass from Pešek, Matoušek rushed into the open but Kubný destroyed his cannon with his gloves. However, the extreme midfielder subsequently had to resign from the match due to injury. Rondič, whose header was picked up by Kubný, worked his way into a great opportunity.

The score didn't change the rest of the way and Slovan defeated Opava 2-0.

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