FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Jablonec 2:2
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Fortuna League, Round 13: Slovan Liberec – FK Jablonec 2:2

The 13th round of FORTUNA:LIGA featured the 52nd edition of the Podještědské derby with Liberec hosting Jablonec. The Liberec had to score after the goal in the first half and they managed to only compare the result, Mikulov and Pešek scored for Slovan. Coach Hoftych’s boys managed to break the unfavourable scoring drought against Jablonec, but they couldn’t rejoice too much because they only took a point from a 2-2 draw.
13.kolo, Saturday 19.10.2019, 14:30
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula (C), Kačaraba, Chaluš, Hybš - Karafiát (46. Oscar), Mara - Pešek (72. Malinský), Baluta, Potočný - Kuchta (78. Yu).
Jablonec: Hrubý - Holík, Plechatý, Břečka, Krob - Hübschman (C) - Jovović (76. Pilík), Kratochvíl, Považanec (74. Kubista), Sýkora - Doležal (90+2. Chramosta).
Goals: 51. Mikula, 57. Pešek - 44. Sýkora, 52. Kratochvíl. Yellow cards: 69. Baluta, 90+1. coach Hoftych and coach Medynský - 61. Krob, 72. Hübschman. Referees: Pechanec - Koval, Vlček.


In the first attack, Jablonec introduced themselves in the second minute and earned a corner, but that didn’t result in a great scoring threat. Slovan tried to develop a rapid attack on the wings, but their players often had problems handling the ball. In the first 20 minutes, the home side controlled the ball, but that didn’t result in scoring chances. In the 26th minute, Kratochvíl sent up a header just out of the reach of Doležal. A moment later, the trio of Doležal, Sýkora and Jovović rushed toward the goal, ending with a shot and a great block by Kačaraba.

Witnessing the gin the 36th minute, Jovović took the ball and from outside the area sent a poisonous shot off the bar. A beautiful defensive play was made by Kačaraba, when he slipped a clear stop by Sýkora and stopped a dangerous chance by Jablonec. Just before the end of the first half, a goal was finally scored. Jan Sýkora, who was unguarded on the left side, received the pass and cleared the ball past Nguyen.

Slovan entered the second half considerably better. In the 51st minute, captain Honza Mikula converted a set-up by Hybš. The scores didn’t remain level for long, as Milos Kratochvil slipped free on the right side and restored Jablonec’s lead. After those two quick goals, the play went back and forth. Mara first tried the attention of Hruby with a medium shot, followed by Hybš, who failed to shoot it past the running goalkeeper. In the 57th minute, a blink of defence for Baluta started, and Jakub Pešek started from the angle and hit the ball from the angle.

In the second half, the Slavs came to life and tried to turn the result. Baluta Potočný had an interesting header opportunity, but he hit only woodwork. Six minutes before the end he sent a very good shot, alternating Pilík, which went just wide. In the 89th minute, Potočný was fouled in front of the penalty area. He took charge of the standard situation, but did his shot attempt was no problem for Hruby. Potočný scored a great chance when he finished off with a header on the back bar after a pass from Malinský, but misfired. Soon, the referee’s whistle ended the match and the 52nd Podještědské derby ended in a 2-2 draw.

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