FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Mladá Boleslav - Liberec 1:3
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Fortuna League, Round 14: Mladá Boleslav – Slovan Liberec 1:3

In the 14th round of FORTUNA:LIGA, Slovan visited Mladá Boleslav. Both teams were separated in the table by 10 points, with Boleslav in third place and Liberec in 10th. At the beginning of the first half, Liberec were under pressure, but Musa scored the first goal and inspired the whole team, who managed to rise up and win 3-1.
14.kolo, Sunday 27.10.2019, 14:30
Mladá Boleslav Mladá Boleslav
Mladá Boleslav: Stejskal – Jakub Klíma, Tatajev, Pudil, Fulnek (61. Jiří Klíma) – Budínský, Matějovský (C), Hubínek, Bucha (68. Túlio) – Komličenko, Mešanović (76. Ladra).
Liberec: Nguyen – Mikula (C), Kačaraba, Karafiát, Hybš – Oscar (90+2. Alibekov), Mara – Pešek (72. Malinský), A. Baluta, Potočný – Musa (85. Kuchta).
Goals: 55. Budínský (pen.) - 30. a 48. Musa, 64. Potočný (pen.) Yellow cards: 9. Fulnek, 14. Budínský, 66. Matějovský - 7. Kačaraba, 45+1. Oscar, 50. Mara, 54. Mikula, 68. Pešek. Referees: Rejžek – Pečenka, Vodrážka.


Boleslav had the first chance of the match, as Klíma sent a sharp cross from the right, but Mikula was able to clear the ball into a corner. In the 7th minute, Matějovský passed to Budínský, who didn't hesitate and shot, but the defenders helped Nguyen and blocked it. Boleslav continued to be more active on offence and the Liberec defence had trouble with them and Komličenka fired but Nguyen made a great save. Liberec survived another three dangerous moments in the next ten minutes. First Mešanovič, then Komličenko with a hard shot, and finally Bucha at the edge of the area missed the goal.

Then came a nice moment for Slovan. Mikula relaxed on the right side and sent a ground-level pass, which Petar Musa found, gave Stejskal a chance and ripped it into the net. Although Boleslav were more active in the first half, they could not overcome our well-functioning defence, and so Slovan took the lead into halftime. Our team entered the second half better, as Oscar approached Potočný on the wing, who was returning to the area in front of the running goalkeeper. There, Petar Musa was the fastest to navigate and sent Slovan into a two-goal lead.

At the other end, Komličenko's free kick was dangerous, and Nguyen was hit by a good shot. Then Mikula's foul came and the referee pointed without hesitation to a penalty kick. The penalty was taken by Lukáš Budínský, who finished uncompromisingly towards the post and the goalkeeper did not have a chance. After 63 minutes, Bucha made an incredible run up the middle and Baluta nearly landed down the penalty area and even Slovan had the advantage of a penalty. The ball was set by Roman Potočný, who fired the ball at the middle of the goal and beat the goalkeeper Stejskala.

Malinský left the field almost immediately, putting himself on the ball and scoring. Baluta did the same in 78 minutes, but he hit the crossbar. Slovan in the second half showed a very good performance and Boleslav got under pressure. Three minutes before the end, an active Baluta shot, and Stejskal had to pull out to shoot the ground shot to the corner. Liberal football players were able to watch the end of the match and deservedly took all three points after a 3-1 win.

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