FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Plzeň - Liberec 4:1
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Fortuna League, Round 16: Viktoria Plzeň – Slovan Liberec 4:1

After three wins in a row, Pavel Hoftych enthusiasts went to Pilsen excited with the belief that they could succeed in West Bohemia. Pilsen Viktoria and the main judge Zbyněk Proske were against. After half an hour of play he did not exclude Roman Hubnik, although he should have. For the protests that he did not, he saw the yellow card Balut. Not a minute later, the Romanian midfielder fouled the escaping Kayamba and it was he who was eventually expelled. West Bohemians then cope with power play lasting over an hour and won 4-1.
16.kolo, Sunday 10.11.2019, 14:30, Doosan Aréna
Plzeň Plzeň
Plzeň: Hruška - Řezník, Hejda, Hubník (C), Limberský - Kayamba, Kalvach, Hořava (79. Janošek), Procházka, Hloušek (90. Kovařík) - Krmenčík (89. Chorý).
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula (C), Kačaraba, Chaluš, Hybš - Oscar (58. Breite), Mara - Malinský (71. Pešek), Baluta, Potočný - Musa (84. Alibekov).
Goals: 22. Procházka, 44. Hořava, 52. Krmenčík, 90 Hloušek - 10. Baluta. Yellow cards: 24. Hubník, 87. Hejda - 7. Oscar, 29. Baluta. Red card: 30. Baluta. Referee: Proske - Hock, Melichar.


Slovan did not catch the beginning of the match and at the beginning of the second minute, Krmenčík rushed in alone on Nguyen. However, the Liberec goalkeeper succeeded in the first battle and caught up with the Pilsen sniper. After the opening pressure of Pilsen, Liberec shrugged off and after Řezník's foul, they got a free kick from an angle. Alexandru Baluta came to the ball and was aiming directly at the goal. Kayamba ran the ball and Hruška was unable to react to the change of direction of the ball, which ended up in the net to make it 1-0. Pilsen was scalded, but in the 20th minute, he got Řezník's head, which sailed high.

A minute later, Kačaraba fouled Hořava was foul just outside the area, and Pilsen had the opportunity to level the scores from a set piece. Unfortunately, they succeeded when Roman Procházka fired, the ball bounced off Kačaraba and ended up in the net behind Nguyen to make it 1-1. After half an hour of play, the only successful shooter, Slovan Balut, received two yellow cards in two minutes, which meant an early end to the Romanian midfielder’s evening. Liberec had no other choice but to begin to defend. Pilsen did not get any significant chances. But before the break, it changed. At the center of the right side, Tomáš Hořava ran into the home side and headed it home to make the score 2-1. In the next few minutes nothing serious happened, and so the West Bohemians took a one-goal lead into the halftime break.

Five minutes after the start of the second half, Tomáš Malinský got into the area, passing to Kačarab from the second wave, but he showed that the goal shooting was not his job and he shot over the goal. Two minutes later the home side had another reason to cheer. Hlousek ran to Krmenčík, who shot past Nguyen to make it 3-1. After less than an hour, the game could have been worse. Mikula passed a small home to Nguyen's head, which was not very vigorous and the running-in. The ball bounced off him just beside the empty cage.

After Pilsen’s third goal, the pace of the game dropped. At the end of the 70th minute, Potočný tried to surprise Hruška from a distance, but he was unsuccessful. A few moments later, he headed on the other side outside Řezník. Ten minutes before the end, suddenly Kamso Mara himself appeared in front of Hruška, which gave Slovan hope. However, he failed to capitalise on the chance. He vainly demanded a pass beside the standing Musa, who could end up at an empty goal.

After all, Pilsen woke up and after the subsequent siege of the Liberec goal, Procházka fired from a distance. Although Slovan tried, the Pilsen lead was not significantly threatened. On the other hand, Adam Hloušek hammered the last nail into the blue and white coffin in the 90th minute and scored the 4-1 goal.

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