FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Bohemians 1905 - Liberec 0:0
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Fortuna League, Round 19: Bohemians 1905 – FC Slovan Liberec 0:0

In the last match before the winter break, coach Hornyák’s charges presented themselves in Vršovice against the Kangaroos. On a chilly Saturday afternoon, the game had few quality scoring chances. Despite the deployment of two attackers into the starting lineup, Slovan, unfortunately, did not score. The Bohemians did not capitalize on their chances either, so the match ended as it started, 0-0.
19.kolo, Saturday 15.12.2018, 15:00, Ďolíček
Bohemians 1905 Bohemians 1905
Bohemians 1905: Fryšták - Dostál, Krch, Šmíd, Bartek - Reiter, Hašek F. (46. Koubek), Jindřišek (C), Hašek M., Vodháněl (90. Vaníček) - Mašek (68. Helal).
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Kačaraba, Karafiát, Mikula - Malinský, Breite (C), Oscar, Aarons (90. Fukala) - Oršula (76. Nešický), Pázler (67. Mashike).
Yellow cards: 37. Hašek M., 72. Krch - 32. Breite, 51. Koscelník, 63. Oscar. Referees: Julínek - Podaný, Pfeifer.
Diváci: 3041


In this match, Slovan's start was much better than against Teplice and Opava. In the 5th minute, Malinský served up a header by Filip Ossula, which went right on goalkeeper Fryšták. Bohemka threatened after 13 minutes played when Reiter took the ball under Martin Hasek. With his mid-distance attempt, Nguyen saved it without much difficulty.

After 36 minutes, Captain Breite did not go for a direct shot but instead aimed for the area just in front of the keeper. Then Nguyen was bumped and emotions flared. A moment later, Aarons headed from the goal line only to the side net. For most of the first half, Malinský didn’t have much to do, but as halftime approached, he reacted slowly and a hard shot rang off the bar! The teams went to their locker rooms with the scoreline still 0-0.

As the second half began, Martin Hasek was under fire. Filip Nguyen turned in a dismal performance, however. A few moments later, Mikula had a chance but the Slovan goalkeeper solved the situation at the last minute. In the 64th minute, Mask's free-kick was handled by Nguyen. Finally, 20 minutes after the start of the second half, Slovan finally got a shot on goal. However, Malinsky's tentative attempt was not too dangerous.

A shot from Vodhanela flew to Nguyen in the 70th minute, and then in the 77th, Karafiát was awarded a free kick. The ball hit Koscelník in front and was directed into the open net, but the play was whistled offside and no goal was awarded. Five minutes later, Yusuf Helal broke through Oscar and fired at the near-side post, but Nguyen covered the shot. At the other end of the pitch, Malinský put his shot in the opposite direction, so the ball went out of bounds somewhere near the corner flags. At the end of the match, Slovan became more active. However, that didn’t result in any scoring chances, so the match ended without any goals.

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