FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Sparta - Liberec 0:2
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Fortuna League, Round 21: Sparta Praha – Slovan Liberec 0:2

The winter break is a thing of the past. Coach Hoftych´s team was baptized by fire, which was nothing more than an away match at Sparta Prague. Missing due to injury was defender Taras Kačaraba, replaced by Matěj Chaluš. Up front, Jan Kuchta got into the starting lineup, replacing Imad Rondić. We waited a long time for the goals to come, but eventually they did. Tomáš Malinský got free in the 76th and 94th minutes and each time overcame goalkeeper Heča, leading Slovan to a 2-0 victory at Letná.
21.kolo, Saturday 15.2.2020, 17:00, Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena (Letná)
Sparta Sparta
Sparta: Heča - Vindheim, Hancko, Lischka, Frýdek - Dočkal (C) (72. Sáček), Trávník, Krejčí (77. Kozák), Kanga (62. Plavšić), Hložek - Tetteh.
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula (C), Chaluš, Karafiát, Hybš - Hromada (56. Alibekov), Mara - Malinský, Baluta (90. Fukala), Pešek - Kuchta (64. Rondić).
Goals: 76. Malinský, 90+4. Malinský. Yellow cards: 45+1. Frýdek - 32. Mara, 37. Hromada, 58. Kuchta, 76. Malinský, 84. Karafiát, 90+2. Nguyen, 90+3. Rondić. Referees: Pechanec - Caletka, Koval (VAR: Lerch, AVAR: Adam).


At the beginning of the match, it is worth mentioning Dočkal's pass from a standard situation in the sixth minute. At his midfield, none of the players in red managed to get a goal for Nguyen. Kuchta’s counterattack a few moments later ended in failure. Both teams were mainly hampered by frequent missed passes and turnovers. And when Slovan got an offensive chance, Balut's shot at the end of the 14th minute was well high. The spectators had to wait until the 25th minute, when Balut sent to counter Malinsky. The Liberec fast train stood the first fight, then was fouled at the corner of the penalty area.

For the first half an hour of play, the game hummed along. Tetteh pulled the ball into the box and Kanga missed the lead pass. Four minutes later, the white defence came up with a stop with Kanga already behind the last defender but lost the ball. Goalie Nguyen, who was struck by Frýdek with a hard shot, distinguished himself in the continuing attack. Sparta was treading more and more ground and Liberec was more on the defensive.

But five minutes before the break, Jakub Pešek led a rush on the left side, stuck the ball into the field and fired. Goalkeeper Heča attempted a closer goal. In the 42nd minute, Mikula did not look for Hložka and only a timely start of Nguyen from the goal prevented the interpreted chance of the Spartan teenager. Then the ball landed from the right side at the feet of Krejčí, who was unable to convert. The halftime scoreline was 0-0.

Just after 40 seconds of play in the second half, Slovan had a chance to take the lead but Heča handled a low shot from Pešek. Then Malinský passed into the area, Baluta got free of Hromada, but the Romanian midfielder missed Heča's net. After an hour of play, Sparta also had a chance, but Hložek's shot on the ground went wide. In the next three minutes the young Spartan was in action again, but Mikula did not let him finish.

In the 66th minute, a shot from Hložek brushed against a defender and fell right into the arms of a waiting Nguyen. Even the Tailor fired in the middle two minutes later. At the other end, Rondić came forward but fired straight at a defender. Malinský’s shot then sailed through the area and just over the bar. In the 76th minute, Tomáš Malinský got the ball, found himself in front of the goalkeeper Heča and managed to score and the match’s first goal. For the subsequent celebration, he received a yellow card from referee Pechanec for taunting the home fans.

After the goal, Sparta increased her pressure. But it did not threaten the gate in the following minutes. At the end of the 85th minute, the ball bounced to the bag. He overfished high from the lime. Liberec pulled over and waited for a chance from counterattacks. On the contrary, he did not let Sparta into the chances. Finally, in the 91st minute, Tetteh headed alone from the area, but fortunately and incomprehensively, he missed the target. At the other end, Tomáš Malinský scored his second goal of the match in the 94th minute.

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