FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Teplice - Liberec 2:0
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Fortuna League, Round 23: FK Teplice – Slovan Liberec 2:0

It´s been a long time, but we´ve had it. With the completion of the 23rd round of Slovan Na Stínadlech, the rounds of the FORTUNA: LEAGUE football spun again. The last competitive match played by our club dates back to March, specifically the eighth, when we clearly defeated Opava 4-0 at home. Unfortunately, the coaches of coach Pavel Hoftych did not follow up on this performance and lost against the unpopular opponent after goals of Kučera and Řezníček 2-0.
23.kolo, Saturday 23.5.2020, 18:00, AGC Aréna Na Stínadlech
Teplice Teplice
Teplice: Grigar – Radosta (77. Černý), Paradin, Čmovš, Knapík, Vondrášek (C) – Kodeš (81. Nazarov), Kučera (84. Žitný), Trubač, Moulis – Řezníček
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula (C) (64. Zeman), Kačaraba, Karafiát, Hybš - Hromada (72. Rondić), Mara - Malinský, Baluta (56. Beran), Pešek - Kuchta.
Goals: 37. Kučera, 53. Řezníček. Yellow cards: 19. Kodeš - 74. Karafiát, 86. Beran. Referees: Marek - Vodrážka, Batík VAR: Orel, AVAR: Blažej


The break was long and it was obvious on both teams. During the first ten minutes, it was played mostly in the middle of the pitch. It was not until the 12th minute that the Teplice’s Řezníček got a chance. His shot from a dangerous position was blocked by Karafiát, resulting in a corner. In the 20th minute, Karafiát stood up to the standard situation from thirty meters and shot to the post. Grigar dropped the ball, but in cooperation with the defender, they averted the danger. Moments later, he came to an end after a nice play by Baluta. His attempt was also directed to the corner.

In the 35th minute, Malinský fouled right next to the lime. Baluta stood at the ball, twisting it under the crossbar. But Grigar scratched his shot with his fingertips. From the next corner, Kačaraba did not hit the ball in a very good position. The goalkeeper of the glassmakers comfortably caught the ball. Two minutes later, Tomáš Kučera received an accurate pass on the other side of the field and beat our goalkeeper with a shot just inside the far post to make it 1-0. Slovan increased his activity even more and by the end of the half, they were still the better team. Unfortunately, this did not lead to any threat to Grigar's net, and so the teams went into halftime with the home side up by a goal.

At the beginning of the 51st minute, Malinský received a pass behind the lime, who jammed the ball and shot. But the bullet did not fit him and flew high above. In 53 minutes he got the ball on the left Moulis, who pulled him into the box and fired a pass that found the jutting leg of Jakub Reznicek , who streamlined the ball from the bar to the net and it was 2-0. After an hour of play, Kuchta fired from the turn. Grigar was at the bar in time. Beran relaxed well, but he didn't get the ball behind the goalkeeper's back either. And when he could score Mikula after the corner kick, he was free at the pole, he was at the balloon a second later and he was aiming over the tip of the football boot.

Slovan pushed, had gaps in front of the gate, but no and no scoring. Moulis turned in a dismal performance, however. It didn't work out in the 71st minute either. Malinský found Martin Zeman through a pass into the area. The Liberec winger jammed the ball and fired. However, the shot did not reach the goalkeeper, as one of the defenders blocked it to the corner. Kačaraba appeared in another good chance, but he did not beat Grigara either. The same was true for a nice individual Kamso Mara rush. After ten minutes of enormous pressure from Liberec, the game calmed down again and the people of Teplice were able to relax.

Liberec seemed to grow frustrated after failing to capitalize on several chances, as the home side simply sat back and guarded their two-goal lead. They succeeded until the final whistle and Liberec drove back to Ještěd with a 2-0 loss.

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