FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Opava 4:0
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Fortuna League, Round 24: Slovan Liberec – SFC Opava 4:0

After a successful advancement in the MOL Cup, Slovan entered the 24th round of the FORTUNA:LIGA against Opava. The Silesians are among the teams fighting for survival and entered play in 15th place, 16 points behind ninth-placed Liberec. Slovan left nothing to chance and from the beginning, were the more active team. Two goals from Kuchta and Mara on a penalty gave them a commanding lead, and a late strike by Malinský made the final scoreline 4-0.
24.kolo, Sunday 8.3.2020, 14:30
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Nguyen - Mikula (C), Chaluš, Karafiát, Hybš - Hromada (71. Kačaraba), Mara - Malinský, Baluta, Pešek (61. Zeman) - Kuchta (52. Rondić).
Opava: Fendrich - Hrabina (80. Sus), Rychlý, Hošek, Žídek (C) - Mondek, Zavadil, Jursa, Dordić (46. Zapalač) - Texl (62. Schaffartzik), Juřena.
Goals: 27. a 47. Kuchta, 30. Mara (pen.), 88. Malinský.

Yellow cards: 46. Chaluš, 81. Baluta - 35. Jursa, 86. Schaffartzik. Referees: Zelinka - Paták, Hurych.


In the eighth minute, Juřina centrally centred into the area and Dordić tried to finish at the back post. Mikula slipped the action into a corner with a great slide. Malinský led a promising rush in the 13th minute, overtook Hrabina and advanced along the edge of the field in the area. Trying to surprise Fendrich with a shot from a sharp angle, the Opava goalkeeper adjusted his body and the ball went wide. At the other end, a rebound came right to Jursa but Nguyen was ready.

In the 27th minute, Mara took advantage of bad passes and sent Jan Kuchta behind the defence. The Liberec striker did not hesitate and scored the opening goal of the match. The same duo were involved in the second goal as well. Kuchta was fouled in the penalty area. Mara stepped in to take the shot and had the goalie moving right shot left to make it 2-0. After 39 minutes, Kuchta could have extended the lead with a blistering strike from the left wing it not for an excellent block by the visiting keeper.

The Slovan onslaught continued. After a pass from Malinský, Pešek returned to Kucht, and Fendrich caught it reflexively. Slovan began the second half well. Fendrich tried to kick the ball away but it was missed by the keeper. The errant pass was intercepted by Jan Kuchta, who had a simple job.

A few minutes later, Balut advanced almost alone on the goalkeeper. At the last moment, the advancing player took him out of control and the shot missed. After the ball was lifted in from the left, Hrabina was on his own in the home side's penalty area and should have scored in the 80th minute but missed, probably due to lack of concentration. Opava also created an opportunity as Mondek decided to shoot and Nguyen had to go to the corner. With 63 minutes played, the visitors could have scored the tying goal after Liberec came through the middle, but his kick went wide. After the next corner, one of the Opava players shot from the volley from behind the line, the attempt flew past the left post.

The Liberec footballers made a serious attempt in the 66th minute. Malinsky found Balut in the middle, who headed to the approaching Mara. This time, the bouncing attempt headed outside Fendrich's goal. Slovan benefited mainly from quick combinations. After one of them, Baluta finished in a good position only in the bar. The Liberec defence left Opava too much space in some moments, for example, after a corner in the 70th minute, a completely open Žídek headed into the arms of Nguyen.

In the second half, Balut was full of activity, after Zeman's pass he advanced to the Opava goalkeeper, who performed a great intervention. Another dangerous ending was scored by a Romanian midfielder when he finished acrobatically, but even this time he could not rejoice at the goal scored. In the 88th minute, Tomáš Malinský attacked Rychlý until he forced him to make a mistake. He then dealt with the goalkeeper and scored the fourth goal of the match. In one of the last plays of the game, he tried to find Balut at the far post, but just missed.

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