FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Č. Budějovice - Liberec 0:2
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Fortuna League, Round 3: Dynamo České Budějovice – Slovan Liberec 0:2

In the third league round, Slovan Liberec set out on a journey to southern Bohemia. Their opponent was České Budějovice, which had not yet won in the new season. In the first half, the home team got into dangerous situations more often, but our defence was able to cope. Then Slovan took over the reins of the match, first Mosquera and then Rabušic scored. Dynamo failed to react and Liberec took all three points for a 2-0 victory.
3.kolo, Saturday 12.9.2020, 17:00
Č. Budějovice Č. Budějovice
Č. Budějovice: Drobný (C) - Novák, Havel, Králík, Kladrubský - Čavoš, Javorek (55. Ledecký) - Brandner, Havelka (81. Jánošík), Ekpai (55. Mršić) - Matějka.
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Tijani, Kačaraba, Mikula (C) - Hromada, Beran (81. Chaluš), Mara - Pešek (60. Matoušek), Rabušic (60. Júsuf), Mosquera (88. Fukala).
Goals: 41. Mosquera, 48. Rabušic. Yellow cards: 43. Ekpai, 49. Havelka, 68. Novák - 33. Pešek, 36. Mosquera, 73. Kačaraba. Referees: Marek - Batík, Leška.


The home team earned the first chance of the match, as Havelka's pass fell in the area to Ekpai and Matějka got to the end. The shot was aimed just outside the right post of Nguyen's goal. The Liberec defence had to deal with several dangerous passes in the 10th minute, but Budějovice did not end up in direct danger of the goal. For the first 20 minutes, Slovan was rather under pressure and didn't have much of a ball on his feet. Rabušic scored the first shot in the 21st minute, but Drobný could have remained calm, trying to get over the goal. Subsequently, he decided to shoot Kačaraba from a very great distance, and this time Slovan did not endanger the goal of Budějovice.

In the 27th minute, the home players had a promising opportunity from the standard situation after a foul by Tijani. The addressee of the center was Ekpai, but his header was aimed at the goal. Slovan tried to threaten from fast breaks, one of which was followed by a foul and the advantage of the standard situation for Pešek. Drobný had big problems with the shot of our wingman, but in the end the defense helped. In the 41st minute, Slovan could rejoice from the opening goal. Jhon Mosquera noticed that Drobný was not standing on the goal line and decided to head to the top corner of the goal instead of from the middle. He managed it very well and sent Slovan into a 1-0 lead.

Liberec started the second half more actively, after the center of Koscelník the ball fell to Rabušic. However, the Liberec striker did not make his way through the defending player. A moment later everything was different, Michael Rabušic found a ball in the area and did not give Drobný a chance with a header to make it 2-0. In the 57th minute, Mršić tried to break through on the right, but his shot deflected off the post. After 66 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defender allowed Drobný to get through. He outclassed the home side's keeper, adding another goal for the visitors. Budějovice tried to reduce the deficit, but Slovan carefully defended.

It was not long before Slovan added a third goal. Mary's shot from a direct kick was pointed and flew just above the goal. A corner kick followed by Júsuf ended, his header attempt did not find the target. Seven minutes before full time, the home team attacked hard, but two shots were selflessly blocked by our trackers. This was followed by a dangerous break by Mosquera, and Drobný uncovered his ground-level attempt. Then came the chances of Matoušek and Chaluš, neither of them was able to increase the score. In the end, Budějovice did not manage to keep the ball on their feet very much and they searched in vain for a way to the penalty area. Slovan deservedly won 2-0.

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