FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Zlín - Liberec 2:1
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Fortuna League, Round 3: Fastav Zlín – Slovan Liberec 2:1

In the third round of the FORTUNA:LIGA, Slovan visited Zlín. Entering the match, Fastav were one of only two teams in the league without any points, but that changed in this game. Poznar scored in the first half, then Potočný answered in the second, but the last word came from Zlín. In the 66th minute Mašek scored the winner to make it a 2-1 final.
3.kolo, Saturday 27.7.2019, 17:00, Letná
Zlín Zlín
Zlín: Dostál - Matejov, Hlinka, Buchta, Azatskyi - Mašek (88. Bartošák), Haníček (65. Podio), Jiráček (C), Vakho - Fantiš (56. Džafič) - Poznar.
Liberec: Nguyen – Mikula, Kačaraba, Karafiát, Hybš – Breite (C), Oscar - Koscelník (46. Malinský), Mara (80. Nešický), Potočný - Musa (65. Pešek).
Goals: 24. Poznar, 66. Mašek - 60. Potočný. Yellow cards: 39. Oscar, 70. Mikula, 79. Kačaraba. Referees: Klíma – Caletka, Leška.


The first serious chance went to Zlín, as the Liberec advance was hesitated and Vakha was allowed to pass through the wing and then feed Fantas. Nguyen had to react quickly to stop the Zlín striker. For the next while, Fastav were the stronger side, often keeping possession of the ball. However, in the 13th minute, Mikula pulled a shot and Dostál had to make a good save to prevent a goal. Slovan were often their own worst enemies, making poor passes. In the 24th minute came the opening goal. From the left, Vakho fed the ball to Tomáš Poznar who, alone in front of the goal, made no mistake and scored the first goal of the match. Slovan could not recover from the first goal and continued to threaten Zlín. A free kick by Poznar aimed at the far post was cleared away by the defence. The offenses were often hampered by Liberec attacks, as the home defense was able to read our game well and keep us at bay.

Malinský jumped to Koscelnik in the second half and got a chance in the 48th minute. From the right side, he found Potočný, and Dostál pulled the ball from the air. In the 59th minute came a nice moment for Slovan, as Malinský sent an accurate shot toward the far post, where Roman Potočný was lurking. The Liberec midfielder did not hesitate and shot. His first attempt was stopped by the goalkeeper, but Potočný got to the rebound and put the ball into the net with the header.

The draw did not last long, because in the 66th minute, with a bit of luck, Dominik Mašek got through the defence and beat Nguyen. The goal gave Zlín some added energy and they continued to attack dangerously. Vakho fired from behind the 16 and rattled it off both posts of the Liberec net. It is necessary to add that the situation was preceded by a foul on Mikula, which the referee did not see and resulted in his receiving a yellow card for alleged diving. Slovan tried to attack and create opportunities but the play was often halted by fouls from both sides.

In the end, the Liberec players were angry because there was no penalty given when Malinsky fell in the area. However, the score didn’t change, so Slovan left Zlín without a point following a 2-1 defeat.

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