FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Karviná - Liberec 2:1
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Fortuna League, Round 30: MFK Karviná – FC Slovan Liberec 2:1

In the 30th and final round of the FORTUNA:LIGA, Slovan visited Karviná. With a 16-point advantage in the table, Liberec were considered the favourites. However, after an early goal by Sýkora, Karviná came back with two goals to win 2-1. Fortunately, Slavia defeated Olomouc at home to safeguard Slovan´s place in the championship group.
30.kolo, Saturday 27.4.2019, 17:00
Karviná Karviná
Karviná: Berkovec - Čolić (82. Moravec), Krivák, Rundić, Záhumenský - Smrž, Budínský - Ba Loua (87. Bukata), Lingr, Guba (70. Faško) - Wágner (C).
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník (90. Pázler), Kačaraba, Vuklišević, Hybš - Malinský (70. Pešek), Breite (C), Oscar, Potočný - Sýkora (80. Musa) - Kozák.
Goals: 36. Guba, 56. Budínský - 11. Sýkora. Yellow cards: 52. Smrž, 86. Faško - 48. Breite. Referees: Berka – Flimmel, Vaňkát.


In the first few minutes, both teams lost the ball several times due to poor passes. The first corner went Slovan, but Karviná, playing in white shirts, resisted without any problems. On the contrary, they replied by rushing upfield, with Kačabara blocking a shot from Wagner. But then Slovan came back immediately and scored on their first chance! From the left side, Malinský centred for Roman Potočný, who managed to return the ball to the area. Jan Sýkora was all alone in front and sent the ball into the unguarded cage.

Karviná had an interesting opportunity in the 20th minute, Wágner tried an acrobatic move and the ball flew just wide of the goal, but the play was eventually stopped by a referee’s whistle. The big shot was made into the Liberec area from a corner in the 30th minute, where Nguyen misjudged the high shot and missed it. A Karviná player was poised to head it into the goal, but an alert Kačaraba kicked it out of harm’s way. But Karviná continued to press and finally levelled the scores in the 36th minute, when Dávid Guba beat Koscelník and moved in on goal, then beat Nguyen with a shot to the right side.

Towards the end of the first half, Sýkora almost scored a second goal, as after a battle for the ball between Kozák and Berkovec, it bounced to our midfielder, but he could not handle it well and missed the yawning cage.

Early in the second half, Karviná threatened; specifically Wagner, who rushed dangerously into Liberec territory. He got to the front unmarked after Kačaraba slipped, but then didn’t get much on his shot and Nguyen covered his attempt. A moment later, Buda shot from a good spot, but the Slovan goalkeeper was ready again.

But the home side continued to press for a goal and finally got it. After a corner kick, the Liberec defence were unable to clear the ball and Lukáš Budínský beat Nguyen from in close. Kozák tried to answer for Liberec, but his header sailed off target. Slovan continued to press and had Karviná back on their heels, but could not create any decent chances. Therefore, 2-1 was how it finished, leaving Liberec in a situation where they needed help from elsewhere to advance. Fortunately, thanks to Slavia's victory against Olomouc, Slovan remain in sixth place and play in the championship group for the title.

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