FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Pardubice - Liberec 3:0
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Fortuna League, Round 5: Pardubice – Slovan Liberec 3:0

After advancing in the qualifying match, it was time for FORTUNA:LIGA again. In its fifth round, we played in Prague in Ďolíček with a newcomer to this year´s competition, with Pardubice. There were many changes in the basic line-up and it was obvious. The score was opened by Martin Toml, then Lukáš Pfeifer scored, Michal Hlavatý hit Chaluš´s hand and closed the score. Our performance was not our best and Pardubice deservedly won 3-0.
5.kolo, Saturday 26.9.2020, 15:30, Ďolíček
Pardubice Pardubice
Pardubice: Boháč – Cadu (84. Čihák), Šejvl, Toml, Surzyn – Jeřábek – Tischler, Solil, Hlavatý (84. Ewerton), Pfeifer (75. Sláma) – Černý (65. Petráň).
Liberec: Nguyen – Koscelník, Chaluš, Jugas, Fukala – Beran, Cancola (65. Mosquera), Mara (46. Hromada), Matoušek (73. Barac) – Rabušic (46. Csáno), Rondić (65. Júsuf).
Goals: 31. Toml, 44. Pfeifer, 61. Hlavatý. Yellow card: 12. Cadu. Referees: Orel – Myška, Leška.


The home team entered the match more actively, leaving us too much room to combine. They often got to our third, to bullets and corner kicks. Our team didn't manage to hold the ball for a long time. Slovan's greatest chance in the opening quarter was made possible by a very bad pass from the right defender of Cad, Rabušic could have advanced, but was stopped. The ball was then scored by Beran, but his shot from a distance was caught by the goalkeeper Boháč. Another promising action was led by Rabušic, he was fouled, but he had the ball on Mara's leg, so the referee left the advantage. Mara then moved to the left side to Beran, who got into the lime through one defender, but the other had already disarmed him. After a direct free kick, Surzyn got to the center, flew all the way to the back post to Černý. His subsequent pass found Martin Toml right in front of the goal , whom no one watched and it was easy. A few minutes after the goal, Koscelník sent a nice cross from the right side. Rondić decided to finish the acrobatic end, but his position was very difficult and so his shot ended up in the arms of the Pardubice goalkeeper.

After pressure from the home team, Černý got the ball just before the limit of the lime, which moved greatly to Lukáš Pfeifer, who ran alone on Nguyen and increased the lead of Pardubice to 2-0 with a ground shot into the right corner. It must be added that the final pass smelled slightly offside. By the end of the half, no further drama had taken place.

Right at the beginning of the second part, Slovan had the opportunity to reduce the lead of Pardubice. The ball was kicked out of play. The bullet didn't fit well and he missed the right bar of the Pardubice gate. Beran sent Koscelník to a huge chance, when he caught most of the defenders a short distance from the lime and passed him to the free space in front of the goal. Unfortunately, Koscelník sent his shot very high above Boháč's shrine. It was Aries again who stood at the next chance. When he sent a center towards the approaching Rondić, Csáno mistakenly misled the ball, but he was in an offside position.

A corner kick created great disorder in the penalty area with a goal nearly scored by Chaluše. Michal Hlavatý stood up, did not hesitate and hit the upper left corner. Nguyen didn't have the slightest chance. After the third goal, the coach made a double substitution, we were more often at the ball, but even so we were not able to work out a better chance. Barac tried to find Júsuf behind the Pardubice defence with a nice pass, but he found only the goalkeeper. No more scoring took place and the match ended with a 3-0 scoreline.

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