FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Jablonec 1:3
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Fortuna League, Round 8: Slovan Liberec – Jablonec 1:3

Derek OBrien
In the 55th first-league edition of the Podještěd derby, both teams showed a very active and combative performance. In the second minute, Koscelník scored an unfortunate own goal after a corner kick. In the 28th minute, Mara equalized from the penalty. However, Jablonec was better in the second half and won after the goals of Schranz and Zelený.
8.kolo, Friday 20.11.2020, 18:45
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Nguyen – Koscelník, Jugas, Tijani, Mikula - Sadílek, Mara (76. Šulc) - Beran (76. Nešický), Mosquera - Júsuf (58. Rabušic), Rondić.
Jablonec: Hanuš - Holík, Martinec, Zelený, Krob - Považanec - Pleštil (69. Jovović), Hrubý (89. Štěpánek), Kubista (81. Doležal), Pilař (89. Ladra) - Schranz.
Goals: 28. Mara – 2. Koscelník (OG), 71. Schranz, 82 Zelený. Yellow cards: 42. Rondić, 83. Mosquera – 28. Krob, 34. Rada (coach), 40. Pilař, 57. Martinec, 61. Holík, 83. Schranz. Referees: Zelinka – Moláček, Mokrusch.


At the beginning of the match, Jablonec was very active. In the second minute he got to the corner kick. Unfortunately, Schranz's unsuccessful header ended right on the foot of Martin Koscelník, who had already arrived at the goal. With 12 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. Mara undertook the execution, but only hit the wall. The following minutes were dominated more by Jablonec, who were more often at the ball and worked out one big chance. After a shot by Tijani, Schranz got to the ball right next to Nguyen, but he couldn't convert.

We performed a beautiful event a few minutes later in front of the Jablonec net. Júsuf swiftly passed the ball to Mosqueru, who found himself alone in front of the goalkeeper. However, Hanuš ran out in time and Mosquera failed. During this event, on the other side of the penalty area, Rondić was pulled to the ground by Jablonec’s Krob. The referee reviewed the action on video and ordered a penalty kick. Kamso Mara undertook the execution again and did not make a mistake. The game then took a very fast turn, both goals were played. Later, the Jablonec Schranz got into a huge chance again. The home keeper was stunned 80 minutes into the match when he misjudged the free kick by Mikula and dived in the wrong direction. At the end of the first half, Liberec also had a huge chance. Rondić's pass was taken by Sadílek and he passed from the right side of the lime on the border of the penalty area. Beran got the shot from the oncoming Liberec players. He shot towards the left post, but Hanuš set it off for a corner.

Slovan entered the second half very actively. Marula's long kick was deflected by Mikula and his pass from a very difficult position found only the Jablonec defender. The second half continued the trend of the first half, it was played very actively and combatively. After the center of Mikula, Rondić tried an acrobatic end in the lime. From a really difficult position, he did not hit the balloon perfectly and his subsequent shot from a lying position missed the target. A moment later, goalkeeper Hanuš hit his teammate instead of Sadílek in an attempt to knock. Unfortunately, the only remaining defender got to the failed ball and successfully kicked it.

In the 70th minute, Jablonec's Pilař received a pass in the penalty area. Mikula got the ball kicked out, but unfortunately the ball landed directly at Ivan Schranz, who had already missed Nguyen. It was again a standard situation, from which the Jablonec team achieved another goal. After a direct kick from an awkward position, Jaroslav Zelený hit the head. To the left of the gate, he won a header fight with Koscelník and his shot jumped right under Nguyen's hand into the lower right corner. By the end of the match, no more drama took place and Jablonec won 3-1 in Liberec.

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