FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Jablonec - Liberec 0:1
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Fortuna League, Rund 27: FK Jablonec – Slovan Liberec 0:1

After two league wins in České Budějovice and at home to Slovácko, Slovan were just a single point behind the neighbouring Jablonec, which made the 53rd edition of the Podještěd derby a direct battle for third place. Liberec were slightly more active throughout the match, especially in the second half. They were rewarded with the winning goal by Tomáš Malinský in the 80th minute and a 1-0 victory.
27.kolo, Tuesday 2.6.2020, 18:00, Střelnice
Jablonec Jablonec
Jablonec: Hrubý - Holík, Jugas (78. Jeřábek), Plechatý, Krob - Hübschman (C), Považanec (84. Chramosta) - Pleštil (61. Pilík), Matoušek (78. Hämälainen), Sýkora - Doležal (78. Dočekal)
Liberec: Nguyen - Koscelník, Kačaraba, Karafiát (C), Mikula - Hromada (79. Alibekov), Mara - Malinský, Baluta, Pešek (59. Zeman) - Kuchta (68. Rondić)
Goal: 80. Malinský. Yellow cards: 54. Hübschman, 69. Pilík - 29. Karafiát, 62. Zeman, 77. Baluta, 85. Rondić. Referees: Rejžek - Kotalík, Pečenka. VAR: Orel AVAR: Hock.


Both teams entered the match in a similar way. The first hint of a chance after five minutes of play was Hübschman's header but the home captain sent it high. A few moments later, Pešek centred from the left side. Vlastimil Hrubý underestimated it and the ball stamped the rod. At the other end, the healed Doležal aimed his back at the goal with his heel outside. After 15 minutes of play, Koscelník threatened but his attempt was blocked. In the 22nd minute, Jan Kuchta prevailed. After a discussion among referees, however, the goal was disallowed due to a hand ball by the Liberec striker.

It started in the 30th minute when the bounced ball reached Považanci. Fortunately, the Jablonec midfielder was heading out from outside the area. Then the game calmed down for a while, probably also because the stadium had a really intimate atmosphere. Seven minutes before the break, he attacked the goalkeeper Hrubý Malinský well. The ball got to Pešek, who after processing fired from the middle distance next to the left stick. Even active Malinský did not endanger the goalkeeper at the end of the half from the left side. The teams when to their dressing rooms still 0-0, even though Slovan had more dangerous chances.

Right at the beginning of the second half, the home team Matoušek got into a clear chance. But Filip Nguyen caught him well. Immediately Slovan quickly turned the game around and Malinský found a free Kucht in the lime. This time, the Liberec striker did not get the ball behind Hrubý's back. In the 54th minute, the ball bounced towards Karafiát after the standard situation. He fired from the air out. Immediately, Pešek shot down both Hrubý and the Jablonec gate. Slovan remained active. Malinský found Kuchta again with the exact center. Even this time, however, the ball did not fit between the three bars.

The Blues pushed their opponent. Mara's attempt was knocked out and after the next corner, Carnation fired again just above the crossbar. In the 61st minute, after a big mistake by Jugas, Kuchta rushed alone on Hrubý. The Jablonec goalkeeper fired the shot with his foot. Subsequently, Baluta hit the defender standing in front of him in an excellent position. After a long time, specifically in the 67th minute, Jablonec also threatened. Krob dusted Nguyen's gloves with a hard blow. After another corner, Doležal sent a header high. After a series of chances, the game slowed down again.

Between the 70th and 80th minutes came a series of substitutions on both sides. After this sleepy ten-minute period, Slovan struck! Tomáš Malinský typically got into the lime on the left side. He dodged the defender in the middle and sent the shot exactly to the far post. Jablonec began to push. But Baluta had a chance to counterattack. He did not come to the run-off Hrubý and after two changes of direction, he fired wide. At the set time, Malinský presented the ball to Rondić with Baluta. However, the Liberec teammates did not agree and there was nothing from a good chance.

In the last minute, out of five set, the home team was still threatened. The falling ball fell just behind the crossbar to the upper net of Nguyen's shrine. Even from the subsequent corner, when the ball flew through the area, Jablonec failed to score and Liberec won 1-0 at Střelnice for the first time in almost seven years.

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