FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Jihlava - Liberec 3:1
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HET League, Round 13: FC Vysočina Jihlava vs. FC Slovan Liberec 3:1

Věra Novotná
HET League, Round 13: FC Vysočina Jihlava vs. FC Slovan Liberec 3:1
13.kolo, Saturday 4.11.2017, 15:00
Jihlava Jihlava
Jihlava: Hanuš - Nový, Tlustý, Krejčí, Keresteš - Fulnek, Dvořák, Vaculík (80. Zoubele), Záviška, Popovič (86. Daníček) - Ikaunieks (90+1. Urblík)
Liberec: Kolář - Coufal, Kúdela, Karafiát, Kerbr (84. Voltr) - Bosančić, Kulhánek, Potočný - Ševčík (71. Folprecht), Graiciar, Hybš (59. Pulkrab)
Goals: 6. Krejčí, 35. Záviška, 37. Záviška - 24. Graiciar. Yellow cards: 23. Keresteš, 41. Krejčí, 49. Vaculík - 27. Potočný, 80. Karafiát, 85. Potočný Red cards: 85. Potočný Referees: Marek - Pochylý, Dobrovolný. Attendance: 2063


In the 13th round, Liberec were hosted by Vyšočina and were highly favorized for this match. Vysočina were in the last position before this duel and what happened was a big surprise.

Vysočina made a pressure and it passed just six minutes when the home team scored the first goal. After the corner played by Nový, Keresteš kicked the ball back to the fire in front of Liberec´s net and Jiří Krejčí got a ball behind the goal line. Just two minutes later Vysočina could take a two-goal lead, but Popović did not aim well. Even Ikaunieks had his chance, but at the end, Kolář showed his reflex.

After the yellow card for Keresteš Liberec´s fans were cheered up as Martin Graciar was successful after a pass from Potočný. Jihlava found a strength to produce few more chances, but Kolář was in a right place so the Záviška´s header was saved.

Záviška had no needs to be sad because it was him, who got his team to another lead as he outwitted Kolář and had an empty net in front of himself. With no difficulties a score 2:1 for the home team was made. Two minutes later Záviška was a hero again, because by his shot which came around the post to the net, he set a score to 3:1.

The second half brought no goal, but there were chances to change a score on both sides of the field. First, Ikaunieks found Nový, but the second-named player did not deal with the pass and missed the target. Half an hour before the final whistle Graciar could celebrate the goal, but his joy ruined the flag in a referee´s hand. One minute later the same player did not score from a good position, his header was too high. Five minutes to the end Liberec were in ten players because Potočný saw his second yellow card. As nothing important happened in remaining minutes Jihlava have beaten Liberec 3:1

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