FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Plzeň - Slovácko 1:0
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Late goal kicks Slovan out of MOL-Cup

Clemens Geisser
Plzen - All hopes are gone to make it again to the final as last year. A late goal by the home team destroyed all our hopes. Now the team needs to focus on the league and try to conquer the fifth place.
Pohár, Wednesday 7.4.2021, 15:30, Doosan Aréna
Plzeň Plzeň
Plzeň: Hruška – Limberský (82. Mihálik), Brabec (C), Kaša, Havel – Šulc (58. Čermák), Kalvach, Bucha (67. Káčer) – Falta, Beauguel, Ba Loua
Slovácko: Nguyen – Mikula (C), Jugas, Chaluš, Fukala – Cancola (58. Mara), Sadílek, Karafiát (89. Rabušic) – Nečas (58. Šulc), Rondić (69. Matoušek), Pešek (69. Koscelník)
Goals: 1:0 (87.) Mihálik. Referees: Julínek – Podaný, Flimmel. Yellow Cards: 28. Brabec, 57. Ba Loua – 38. Cancola, 55. Pešek, 85. Mikula, 88. Matoušek (89. Hoftych). No spectators


In the opening minutes of the match, both defenses showed precision and didn't allow the opponent's forwards any chances. It wasn't until the 20th minute when Milan Havel got the first touch of a chance when he tried to slide into a center of David Limberský, but missed the goal

Viktoria got another chance after a foul in front of the penalty area, Lukáš Kalvach took the free kick, but his shot was dropped outside the three bars.The score didn't change this time either.

Exactly half an hour was played, when the home team got close to the goal. The center of Beauguel was cleared by a header into the counterattack of the goalkeeper Filip Nguyen, who, with a certain impact, kicked the ball and got out of the dangerous area with the help of the defense.

Our team got within range of the goal before the end of the first half, when Pešek's center found Imad Rondič. The Bosnian striker did not beat Hruška with a header, the attempt lacked vigor. The second half began in the same way as the first. Both teams continued to suffer from inaccuracies, Slovan continued to play from a secure defense and resisted the optical superiority of the home team.

A free kick just outside of the visitors' penalty area after 61 minutes could have resulted in another goal, but Kalvach put the ball over the bar. After a while, however, the situation was repeated from a similar position, in any case Jakub Jugas reached the ball in the air and turned it to a corner kick. Filip Nguyen, who after quite a while was seen again in Slovan's starting grid, ended the series of standard situations, and immediately sent Pešek to the sprint with a kick. The extreme midfielder got a shot but his attempt ended only next to the bar.

As the 69 minute approached, the Slovan coach decided it was time for a substitution. He replaced Rondic. The end of the duel was unlucky for our team. As time flew towards extension, there was a weak moment in the defensive, which the locals severely punished.

Filip Nguyen let the ball jump before kicking, Ondřej Mihálik used the hesitation and sent Victoria to the semifinals of the Czech Cup three minutes before the end of the basic playing time. Slovan will not defend last year's participation in the MOL Cup final. 

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