FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Brno - Liberec 0:3
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Nice start in the weekend - Slovan wins 3:0 at Brno

Clemens Geisser
Slovan takes home three points on the long way home from Brno to Liberec. After an equal game in the first 25 minutes our team showed its ambitions for the upper ranks of the table and put some nice football on the pitch, which payed off in goals and a win.
16.kolo, Friday 22.1.2021, 18:00, Městský stadion Srbská
Brno Brno
Brno: FC Zbrojovka Brno: Šustr – Jan Moravec (46. Bariš), Dreksa (C), Pernica, Jakub Šural – Pachlopník, Texl (76. Sedlák), Vaněk, Záhumenský (46. Šumbera) – Fila (46. Vintr), Hladík
Liberec: FC Slovan Liberec: Knobloch – Koscelník, Jugas, Chaluš, Mikula – Purzitidis (84. Mara), Karafiát – Pešek (77. Fukala), Sadílek (84. Michal), Mosquera (84. Faško) – Rabušic (58. Rondič)
Goals: 25. Mosquera, 34. Rabušic, 76. Pešek. YC: 17. Záhumenský, 64. Šural, 83. Vintr (all Brno). Referee: Marek - Šimáček, Ratajová


Slovan secured a decent 3:0 away win at Brno. After several players that left during winter break, our team still needs some time to apply the automatisms like it used to. So it took our boys some time to get into the game at Brno. Milan Knobloch, who had been given a chance between the bars as our usual number 1 Filip Nguyen had been granted some time off due to the recent birth of his offspring. It didn‘t take long for him to get hands at work. Only 5 minutes were played when he started his first ‚charter flight‘ through the box and put on a nice safe after a shot from 16 m. It took the team 25 minutes to create some danger to the goal of the home team. Quick feeted Colombian Jhon Mosquera ran out his opponents and facing only one more defender and the goal keeper in front of him, he took the one and only right decision. He spectacularly net in from 20 metres which could well be the goal of the week in FORTUNA:Liga. Rabušic doubled the lead in his 200th first league appearence before the half-time whistle. After Pešek put in goal number three the game slowed down. We still scored won one more goal that was denied due to an offside position and in the very last minutes the Brno home team had a good free kick occasion, but the ball missed the goal slightly.

This win gives us plenty of hope to stay competing for the Eurocup ranks until the end of the season.

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