FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Teplice 2:1
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Round 23: Last minute Rondić finishing move secures 2:1 turnaround win against Teplice

Clemens Geisser
L i b e r e c - In a match full of twists and emotions Slovan looked like loosing for a long time of the match. An own goal, a missed penalty and the goals from Rabušic and a last minute strike from Rondić gave us an euphoric win and another three points in the table count.
23.kolo, Friday 12.3.2021, 18:00, U Nisy
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Knobloch - Koscelník, Jugas, Chaluš, Mikula (C) - Karafiát (55. Rondić), M. Sadílek, Mara (55. Faško) - Pešek (73. Nečas), Rabušic, Mosquera (90 + 2). Fukala).
Teplice: Čtvrtečka – Vondrášek, Gabriel, Mazuch, Černý – Fortelný (82. V. Vukadinović), Jukl – Kodad (82. Kučera), Žitný (62. Knapík), Moulis (82. Droehnle) – J. Mareš (C) (52. Jakub Řezníček).
Goals: 77. Rabušic, 90. Rondič - 14. Sadílek (ET). Referees: Hocek - Hajek, Novak Yellow Cards: 49. Karafiát, 52. Mara, 69. Mikula - 57. Gabriel, 61. Mazuch.



The match started right off with nice flat shot from Jhon Mosquera in the 4th minute that only slightly went off the right post. The guests from Teplice didn't shy away and made themselves some advances towards the Slovan goal. After 12 minutes played J. Mareš appeared in front of Knobloch and shot from short distance but the latter could block the ball with swift reaction. The situation wasn't finished though. Once more Teplice brought a center into the danger zone and it was the unfortunate M. Sadílek, who in a attempt to defend the ball headed it instead into the own net.

Four minutes later it was again Mareš with a header who threatened the goal, but Knobloch saved the ball and Slovan from a goal that anyway wouldn't have counted, due to a slight off-side position.

In the 20th minute our centre forward Rabušic tried to equalize with a header from 10 metres but missed by a bit.

Almost half an hour was played when Pešek got fouled inside the box and Slovan received a penalty kick. Rabušic took the responsibility and tried to send Teplice goal keeper Čtvrtečka into the other corner, but this stunt went totally wrong and Teplice's number 1 had no problems at all to keep the ball save. What a great chance missed!

Rabušic didn't demoralise too much and kept on looking for the goal. Again he got close before half time with header but found once more Čtvrtečka instead of the net.

In the second half Slovan gained full supremacy and had chances to score with far shots from Sadílek and Mosquera. The spectator could already get the impression that Slovan would receive a big and unforeseen blow in their struggle for international competitions, but mentality and will, two of the striking features of our Slovan team, made the balance shift to our side.

After 76 minutes it was Rabušic who, finally, equalized with a shot in the far corner of the net. Instead of a big celebration he just got the ball and sprinted back towards the kick-off area. A sign that this result was not yet satisfying for the time.

The pressure kept on. After 80 minutes Rondić got his first shot but couldn't get enough pressure on the ball.

One minute before the end our goal keeper Knobloch misshit the ball and gave it away to theTeplice forward who suddenly stood in front of the goal. Knobloch however had the luck on his side and somehow got the ball back.

Now this was the perfect moment to accept a draw. But only for those who believe in logic, instead of football. In the last minute Mosquera tried it again with a centre and this time Rondić rocketed into the air as if someone pulled him on strings from above and headed the ball in great fashion into the far corner. The rest was pure joy and passion and a win and another three points for our squad.



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