FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Ostrava - Liberec 1:0
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Round 9: Disappointing loss in Ostrava. 0:1

Clemens Geisser
O s t r a v a - After conceding an early goal in the 5th minute our team tried everything to improve the score but just wouldn´t get there. Not only disappointing to have lost this match. We are now also one place behind Ostrava in the table.
9.kolo, Wednesday 27.1.2021, 16:00
Ostrava Ostrava
Ostrava: Laštůvka (C) – Fillo, Svozil, Stronati, Fleišman – Jánoš, Tetour (84. Kaloč) – de Azevedo (70. Ndefe), Kuzmanović (90+3. Pokorný), Holzer (84. Potočný) – Zajíc (70. Šašinka)
Liberec: Knobloch – Koscelník, Jugas, Chaluš, Mikula (C) – Pourzitidis (59. Mara), Sadílek, Karafiát (74. Faško) – Pešek, Rabušic (59. Rondić), Mosquera
Goal: 5. Zajíc
YC: 70. Fleišman, 90+4. Kaloč 90+5. Kuzmanovič - 15. Rabušic, 40. Karafiát, 58. Purzitidis, 90+4. Mosquera
RC: 90+4. Mosquera Referee: Julínek – Dobrovolný, Bureš


The Slovan players entered the match actively. Just after one minute had been played, Karafiát tried it with a shot, but only hit the defending player. Unfortunately, four minutes later, Stronati's shot from great distance hit the pole, from where it bounced towards the completely free Tomáš Zajíc and the Ostrava striker opened the score of the match. Liberec didn't put it down and was still the more active team. However, all actions ended before they could create any real danger to Laštůvka's goal.

Our forwards Rabušic and Mosquera stayed allert at all times and had a good opportunity in the 19th minute. A few minutes later, Jakub Jugas sent his projectile from behind the box. But he aimed outside the three bars. Even three consecutive corner kicks by the Liberec players in the 27th minute did not become a serious threat to Laštůvka.

Only after more than half an hour of play, Baník also partook in creating chances. Holzer's shot from behind the box flew high above the gate. The game continued to take place mainly in the midfield and the goalkeepers were more in the role of spectators. In the 38th minute, Laštůvka was frightened by stopper Stronati, when he brought the center of Pešek with his head. After the next corner kick, Koscelník headed. His attempt ,however,  fell into the gloves of the Ostrava goalkeeper. Shortly before the break, Jugas stamped the bar with his head! At half time the score was 1: 0 for the home team.

From the beginning of the second half, we watched a similar picture of the game. Slovan pushed and was more active, but didn't manage to make it to the end. Sadly enough, despite all the hard work we didn't manage to equalize by the end of the match, only Mosquera received a yellow card for an alleged foul and a red card after a subsequent skirmish. The final score was 0: 1. That result leaves us now behind Baník on the 6th place in the table.

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