FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Sparta 1:0
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Sparta defeated! Delarge’s goal upsets the favourite in Liberec

David Šimon
Liberec – With many changes in the starting eleven, Liberec welcomed Sparta on its home ground. Prague team had to go for a win to pull back on top with Pilsen. However, Slovan stood in their way.
14.kolo, Sunday 22.11.2015, 15:00, U Nisy
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Hladký - Coufal, Mudra, Pokorný, Bartošák - Pavelka, Machuča - Delarge (90. Kerbr), Bakoš (86. Soungole), Šural - Rabušic (90. Luckassen).
Sparta: Bičík – Mario Holek, Brabec, Nhamoinesu – Mareček (83. Juliš), Dočkal, Jiráček (75. Matějovský), Frýdek, Hybš (71. Breznaník) – Fatai, Lafata.
Goal: 65. Delarge. Referees: Paták - Kotík, Kubr. Yellow cards: 21. Bakoš, 26. Machuča, 45. Rabušic, 88. Bartošák - 55. Hybš, 65. Dočkal, 66. Frýdek.
Diváci: 8165


Sparta had a decent start with Fatai setting up Mareček in a good position already in 2nd minute, but Hladký pulled out his first great save of the game. Rabušic’s header on the other side ended up in ex-Liberec Bičík’s hands.

Shortly after that, both captains tried their luck as well, but Lafata as well as Pavelka eventually missed the target with their respective attempts. Sparta put on a pressure and came up with some chances right before the half time, but Hybš failed in what was probably the best scoring position to that point. After Frýdek’s pass, he appeared face-to-face with Hladký, but couldn’t find a way to beat him.

Liberec’s Mačucha who debuted in the Synot league had a nice middle-ranged shot as well, but narrowly missed the goal to complete the story of first half.

Dočkal’s attempt early in the second half hit only the side net and the visitors would regret it soon. With 65 minutes played in the game, Bartošák’s crossing pass found unmarked Dzon Delarge in the penalty area, Kongo’s international kept calm and sent the ball right beneath the top bar.

Sparta had to put all in offense, but kept struggling with Hladký who was in his best form. On the other side, Slovan had some possibilities with counter-attacks, but another Machuča’s shot went just wide.

Another former Liberec’s player Frýdek was looking for Lafata in the penalty area, but passed it a bit too high for his captain to finish and Dočkal’s free-kick attempt didn’t get through the wall.

As the final minutes approached, the Spartans tried to keep it simple, but wouldn’t get anything more than Costa’s header that was easily caught by goalkeeper Hladký. He was one of the crucial players behind Liberec’s win.

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