FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Sparta 1:3
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Sparta turned the game in an eternally long overtime

Liberec - In the last round of the regular season, Slovan played against Sparta at their home stadium U Nisy. Valenta opened the match with a goal in the first half, when he scored from a volley. Sparta managed to turn the game around thanks to two converted penalties by Awer Mabil and then Kuchta sealed the win for the visitors. Slovan lost 1:3 in the thirtieth round, but still retained the seventh place and will face České Budějovice in the middle group.
Round 30, Sunday 30.4.2023, 15:00
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Vliegen - Ndefe, Prebsl, Pourzitidis - Ghali (83. Mészáros), Červ, Valenta (83. Preisler), Frýdek (65. Doumbia), Fukala (C) (77. Mikula) - Olatunji, Tupta (77. Rondić)
Sparta: Kovář - Panák (C) (46. Pavelka), Vitík, Vydra - Wiesner, Sadílek (83. Goljan), Laci (61. Daněk), Karabec (83. Schánělec), Højer - Haraslín (46. Mabil), Kuchta
Goals: 13. Valenta - 89. Mabil (penalty), 90+9 Mabil (penalty), 90+11 Kuchta
Yellow Cards: 41. Ndefe, 89. Rondić, 90+9 Červ, - 49. Wiesner, 57. Pavelka, 70. Priske (coach), 90+3 Vitík, 90+3 Vydra, 90+15 Schánělec
Red Card: 89. Ndefe


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