FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Slovácko - Liberec 2:0
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Slovan lost in Uherské Hradiště 0:2. Both Slovácko goals came from penalty kicks

Uherské Hradiště/Liberec - In the thirtieth round, i.e. the last round of the FORTUNA:LIGA regular season, coach Kozel´s men went on a long journey to Uherské Hradiště, where they met the fourth team in the league table - Slovácko. The fate of the match was decided by penalties in the 40th and 62nd minutes. Both were scored by Václav Jurečka. Slovan failed to score despite the final pressure and returned to Liberec with a 0:2 defeat.
Round 30, Wednesday 20.4.2022, 18:00
Slovácko Slovácko
Slovácko: Borek – Reinberk (82. Vecheta), Kadlec (C), Hofmann, Kalabiška – Daníček, Havlík – Petržela (66. Tomič), Jurečka (82. Ljovin), Holzer (66. Šimko) – Cicilia (90+3. Juroška)

Substitutes: Drobisz – Divíšek, Ljovin, Vecheta, Šimko, Juroška, Tomič

Liberec: Vliegen - Koscelník, Gebre Selassie, Purzitidis, Mikula (C) - Havelka (80. Stoch), Michal - Matoušek (76. Tupta), Frýdek (59. Rondić), Višinský (59. Ghali) - Júsuf (59. Rabušic)

Substitutes: Knobloch - Prebsl, Stoch, Ghali, Tupta, Rondić, Rabušic

Goals: 40. a 62. Jurečka (pen.)

Yellow Cards: 54. Kalabiška, 86. Ljovin - 36. Michal, 39. Višinský, 57. Purzitidis

Referees: Křepský - Bureš, Mikeska

Spectators: 3068


The home team Slovácko got the first chance in the second minute. Rigino Cicilia, pressured by Gebre Selassie, shot from the edge of the box over Vliegen's goal. The striker from the island state of Curacao gave our defence a lot of trouble right from the start. Not even another two minutes had passed before Cicilia pulverised the Belgian goalkeeper's gloves with a hard shot. A few seconds later, he headed from close range and Vliegen made a reflexive intervention with his hand, knocking the ball out of the reach of Slovácko players. After that, Slovan fortunately managed to settle the game down.

After less than a quarter of an hour of play, our players also had their say. Jusuf Hilál shot from a turn into the arms of the home goalkeeper. But at the beginning of the 16th minute, it was Rigino Cicilia again, whose header brushed the ball against the crossbar of the Slovan goal. On the other side, Višinský shot past a shielding defender. But the shot did not have enough impact to threaten Borek in Slovácko's goal. After a deaf passage lasting a few minutes, Havelka got the ball in the 25th minute. However, he did not aim accurately from a volley and a long distance. Milan Petržela then tried to catch Vliegen off guard from the right side a few moments later. But our goalkeeper had no problem with his attempt in the middle of the goal.

Slovácko continued to push the attack. Petržela found Kalabiška with a cross behind the defence, who headed past Vliegen, but fortunately the ball ended up next to the net. After half an hour of play, it was Kalabiška again who ran into the box from the left side and lobbed Vliegen. The ball heading into the box was cleared out of the area by Gebre Selassie with a timely kick. In the 39th minute, Višinský let Reinberk escape in the penalty area. He then pulled him down and a yellow card was followed by a penalty. The penalty was easily converted by Václav Jurečka, who sent the ball precisely to the left post from his point of view and sent Slovácko into a one-goal lead.

To the Home team, however, it was not enough. Just before half-time, Holzer headed the ball home from a volley just outside the area. His hard attempt caused problems for Vliegen, who used all his strength to knock the ball just wide of the post. The first half didn't bring any more chances. The match was 1:0 for Slovácko.

Second half didn't start as hectic for Slovan as the first. Although Slovácko settled in our half, they didn't get into the end zone. It was Havelka in the 50th minute who made a shot beyond the penalty area, but it flew high above. Even Višinský's attempt a few minutes later didn't go between the three posts. In the 58th minute, the home team took a direct free kick. After a deflected cross, the ball went back into the Slovan penalty area, where one of Slovácko's players headed it into the small net. Cicilia took the shot again from close range, but this time Vliegen made a good save.

In the 61st minute, the referee pointed to the penalty spot again after Kristian Michal's "hand" was shot in the penalty area. Václav Jurečka was again on the ball and again chose the left side, unfortunately Vliegen chose the right side for the second time and Slovácko took the lead 2:0. Nine minutes later, Ghali headed in after a Koscelník centre. Pressed by a defender, he could not give the finish enough punch and the home goalkeeper hid the ball in his gloves. The home side, reassured by the second goal, did not push forward as much, but Slovan still failed to get a big chance.

On the other hand, in the 79th minute, Cicilia ran onto a shot on the edge of the box. This time, too, he couldn't find space between the posts, heading just over. A few minutes before the end, Slovan's captain Mikula got the best chance of the match. His shot was deflected by goalkeeper Borek with his fingertips. In the 90th minute, Tupta, all alone in the penalty box, came up short. In a great opportunity he hit the defender in front of him. Then Rabušic fired into a ready Borek. The final pressure did not bring Slovan success and they left Uherské Hradiště with a 0:2 defeat.


Martin Svědík (1. FC Slovácko): „Our start to the game was not bad at all. Especially in the attacking phase, when Regino Cicilia could have scored three goals in the first sixteen minutes. Unfortunately, even in a good chance, he managed to hit the goalkeeper with his head. Liberec tried to rotate the positions a lot and swirl the movement. It was our fault, when we didn't penetrate much in the defensive phase, so they created an otic territorial superiority during the first half. After rearranging the lines from our side and reinforcing the field, the organization of the game was better again. At the end of the first half we took the lead after a penalty. In the second half we were also threatening and active. We managed to increase our lead. We had more chances, which unfortunately we didn't convert. At the end, the visitors had two good chances. I must praise goalkeeper Borek, who at 19 years old was always where he should have been and helped us with his performance.“

Luboš Kozel (FC Slovan Liberec): „We didn't catch the start of the game. By the fifth minute the home team had two scoring chances where we were lucky to survive. After that, we managed to tie the game. By the 30th minute we were passing the ball around and playing a combination game. Unfortunately, what was the difference in this game and what has been bothering us for a long time is the handling of situations around the penalty area and the subsequent finishing. We get to the opponent's goal, but then we don't deal with the final pass or centre. Then Slovácko stepped up and we started to mess up more. It all culminated in the first penalty when the home team took the lead. We changed our formation for the second half and wanted to do something about the situation. But the second penalty affected the game. When I saw that, I don't understand why we go to rule courses. The home team then protected their two-goal lead. The home team deserved the win because they had more chances. We had a chance at the end, but by then the score was 0:2 from our point of view. It could have been more interesting if it had been a goal.“

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