FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Zlín - Liberec 2:1
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Slovan finishes in the Cup quarterfinals, losing to Zlín 1:2 in overtime

Zlín/Liberec - Luboš Kozel´s team played in the quarterfinals of the Czech Cup. However, the first half did not go well and after a quick goal and a red card for Doumbia the team had a difficult task ahead of them. Nine minutes before the end, Pourzitidis gave hope for success. After a 1-1 draw in regulation time, extra time followed, but Liberec quickly conceded another goal and was unable to turn the result around. They had to say goodbye to the Cup after a 1:2 defeat to Zlín.
quarterfinal, Wednesday 28.2.2024, 17:00
Zlín Zlín
Zlín: Dostál - Holík (68. Vukadinović), Černín, Didiba, Bartošák - Nombil, Janetzký (113. Pidro) - Natchkebia (75. Cedidla), Slončík (75. Bužek), Fantiš (C) (88. Simerský) - Schánělec (68. Ikugar)
Liberec: Vliegen - Mikula (C), Prebsl (61. Varfolomejev), Pourzitidis - Ghali (71. Penner), Žambůrek, Doumbia, Preisler (106. Fukala) - Višinský (76. Rabušic), Kulenović (61. Tupta), Horský (46. Chaluš)
Goals: 11. Schánělec, 91. Janetzký - 83. Pourzitidis
Yellow Cards: 55. Nombil, 59. Schánělec, 90. Simerský, 109. Vukadinović, 115. Pidro - 37. Žambůrek, 105. Chaluš
Red Cards: 95. Simerský - 45. Doumbia
Diváci: 2466

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