FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Dukla Praha 3:0
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HET League, Round 10: FC Slovan Liberec vs. FK Dukla Praha 3:0

Věra Novotná
HET League, Round 10: FC Slovan Liberec vs. FK Dukla Praha 3:0
10.kolo, Saturday 14.10.2017
Liberec Liberec
Dukla PrahaDukla Praha
Liberec: Kolář - Coufal, Kúdela, Kerbr - Kulhánek, Breite - Ševčík, Bosančič (79. Vácha), Hybš (83. Voltr) - Potočný, Graiciar (76. Pulkrab).
Dukla Praha: Rada - Kušnír, Ostojič, Jiránek, Podaný - Miloševič, Holík (56. Koreš), Tetour - Schranz (82. Brandner), Holenda, Preisler (61. Duranovič).
Goals: 25. and 76. Kerbr, 46. Graiciar. Yellow cards: 89. Potočný, 90. Vácha - 25. Preisler, 46. Holenda, 73. Ostojič, 80. Kušnír, 83. Tetour. Referees: Matějček - Myška, Černý. Most valuable players: Milan Kerbr - Filip Rada. Attendance: 3929


The tenth round was also a battle between Slovan Liberec and FK Dukla Praha. The clash between these two teams was not boring from the very first beginning. Unfortunately for home fans, Rada had no problem with Breite´s shot and afterwards Potočný aimed too high. In few minutes later Potočný could fix his mistake, but he failed to hit the ball and Coufal did not beat the goalkeeper Rada. The first goal for Slovan came a little bit later.. After foul in the penalty box, there was a penalty kick given to home team. Milan Kerbr chose the left side and Slovan took the lead. Situation could be worse for Dukla after four more minutes, but Kušnír was in the right place and cleared the shot by Kerbr from goal line.

The first big job for Slovan´s goalkeeper came after 32 minutes of play, but he had no problems with a long-distance shot, which was made by Schranz. The same player scored a goal which tied the game, but the referee called an offside and that was the final important moment in the first half.

Cold shower for visiting team came right away after beginning of the second half. The ball went behind the goal line after Graiciar´s header and Slovan could celebrate two-goals leading. Dukla did not fold guns and tried to get back into the game, but their fast attack was stopped by Coufal, who had fallen before Holenda and Miloševič´s next try was aiming high.

Visitors went nervous, and it was visible on their actions. Koreš had one hundred percent chance, but he kicked it off. The decisive moment came fourteen minutes before the final whistle as Kerbr got the ball behind Rada´s back after Zápotočný´s cross. Slovan Liberec win against Dukla Praha and three points stay at home.

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