FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Dukla Praha - Liberec 2:0
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HET League, Round 24: FK Dukla Praha vs. FC Slovan Liberec 2:0

Věra Novotná
HET League, Round 24: FK Dukla Praha vs. FC Slovan Liberec 2:0
24.kolo, Saturday 14.4.2018
Dukla Praha Dukla Praha
Dukla Praha: Rada - Miloševič, Ostojič, Jiránek, Podaný - Hanousek (C), Bezpalec - Douděra (64. Brandner), Néstor (79. Kušnír), Holík (90. Djuranovič) - Schranz.

Substitutes: Doumbia, Brandner, Dancák, Djuranovič, Preisler, Kušnír, Hruška.

Liberec: Hladký - Coufal (C), Karafiát, Mikula, Kerbr - Breite (46. Oscar), Folprecht - Bosančić, Bartl (71. Graiciar) - Ševčík - Pulkrab (71. Da Silva).

Substitutes: Nguyen, Kačaraba, Graiciar, Potočný, Havelka, Oscar, Da Silva.

Goals: 54. Schranz, 82. Holík. Yellow cards: 7. Schranz - 28. Pulkrab, 69. Ševčík. Referees: Hrubeš - Dobrovolný, Pfeifer. Attendance: 2796.


Before the start of the match, players and fans in the stands held a moment of silence in memory of Antonín Koutný, who was a long-time supporter of the home team.

First action came from Dukla´s side, but Ostojevič´s missed the net and Holík was not also successful with his following try. Slovan also tried to get into pressure, but all of the actions needed to be more accurate.

First big action of Slovan came in 20th minute. Bartl lost his guard so he could found Ševčík who unfortunately for visiting team did not aim well. Also the next action looked good for Slovan, but no one hit the ball after Coufal´s pass. Liberec were more active on the field, but Dukla´s goalkeeper did not need to show his high-level skills. Both team had their chances in the end of the first half, but nobody could break the tie.

The start of the second half was the same as the end of the first one. Liberec´s players had a ball on their feet and Dukla was just chasing them. In 53rd minute Breite sent a ball into a fire before Dukla´s net, but nobody from his teammates was quick enough to score a goal. So Dukla came with his response after that. Ivan Schranz took an advantage after the mistake in a Liberec´s defense and Jihlava took a lead.

Liberec tried to tie the score and make some pressure in front of Rada´s net, but Dukla´s goalkeeper was ready as he made a save after Ševčík´s spontaneous shot. After the final whistle Dukla added three points to the league table. Second goal of the match was scored by Lukáš Holík who was quick enough to score after the ball fell out of Hladký´s hands.

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