FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Slovácko 1:1
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HET League, Round 8: FC Slovan Liberec vs. 1. FC Slovácko 1:1

Věra Novotná
HET League, Round 8: FC Slovan Liberec vs. 1. FC Slovácko 1:1
8.kolo, Monday 25.9.2017, 19:00
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Hladký - Mikula, Kúdela, Karafiát, Potočný - Coufal (C), Folprecht, Breite (60. Bosančič), Ševčík - Voltr (46. Hybš), Pulkrab (77. Vácha).
Slovácko: Heča – Juroška, Hofmann, Břečka, Divíšek – Daníček, Šumulikoski – Navrátil, Machalík, Havlík – Zajíc.
Goals: 71. Hybš - 85. Zajíc. Referees: Příhoda - Kubr, Fišer. Yellow Cards: 9. Folprecht, 30. Karafiát, 67. Pulkrab - 72. Divíšek, 78. Šumulikoski, 84. Daníček. Red cards: 63. Karafiát - 6. Machalík. Attendance: 3895


On Monday Slovan Liberec hosted on team of Slovácko and almost four thousand spectators were the witness of the red card, which was given to Michalík and sent his team to ten. Both teams had their chances, but none of them was dangerous for any goalkeeper because most of them ended with a fault or with a good save.

One of the biggest chances during the first half came after the Liberec´s corner and the blur, which was made after it. Karafiát tried his luck from the box, but Breite didn´t finish this action well. But Slovan was pressuring their opponent. The header by Pulkrab was the result of this pressure, but Heča moved to the right place on time. After that, another chance was missed by Folprecht and also Breite was not successful even he had two consecutive opportunities. The score was goalless after the referee´s first half final whistle.

The second half started with another chance for the home team. Coufal passes his ball near to Heča, but nobody from his teammates was ready to direct the ball into the net. The same player was also near the other big opportunity to take a lead. Heča made a mistake, Coufal found Breite who passed the ball to Pulkrab but unfortunately for home fans the last named did not hit the target.

In the 62nd minute, the strength on the field was equal because Karafiát saw the second yellow card. After nine minutes the first goal came and home fans were cheering. Pulkrab´s header was saved by Heča but Juroška, his teammate, kicked the ball out of Heča´s hand and Matěj Hybš scored his first goal in Slovan´s jersey. The final score was set five minutes before the final whistle. Vácha lost the ball in the middle and it was Tomáš Zajíc, who was at the end of whole action. His attempt from the small box went beyond the goal line and it was clear that both teams will split today´s points.

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