FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Liberec - Teplice 0:1
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Round 27: Slovan loses 0:1 against Teplice

Liberec - After the national team break, FORTUNA: LIGA returned, playing its 27th round. Our team received the opponent from Teplice at home. There werent many chances to be seen in the first half, but above all a lot of tackles. The only goal of the duel was scored by Teplices Sejk, after a corner kick. Slovan then strengthened the attack, chasing the equalizer, but did not reach it.
Round 27, Saturday 2.4.2022, 16:00, U Nisy
Liberec Liberec
Liberec: Knobloch - Koscelník, Gebre Selassie, Tiéhi, Mikula, Mészáros - Frýdek (71. Alijagić), Havelka (71. Faško) - Ghali (62. Júsuf), Rondić (81. Višinský), Tupta (81. Rabušic)

Substitutes: Vliegen - Michal, Faško, Višinský, Alijagić, Rabušic, Júsuf

Teplice: Grigar – Vondrášek (57. Knapík), Tijani, Kučera – Hyčka, Jukl (84. Vobecký), Mareček, Boljevič (71. Prošek) – Žitný (71. Kodad) – Žák, Sejk (84. Ledecký)

Substitutes: Mucha - Knapík, Kodad, Ledecký, Mareš, Prošek, Vobecký

Goal: 0:1 Sejk (67.)

Yellow Cards: 7. Tiéhi - 9. Mareček, 15. Hyčka, 39. Vondrášek, 69. Sejk

Referees: Proske - Kubr, Dresler; VAR: Štěrba, AVAR: Kotík

Spectators: 1558


There weren´t many chances at the start of the match. Our team often moved forward, but did not get to big chances. The Teplice team defended well, although sometimes at the cost of a foul. The first chance in the match was seen in the 25th minute, after a mistake by our goalkeeper Knobloch. He wanted to run around Teplice´s Sejk, but didn´t succeed and the ball was taken from him. The Teplice striker thus got to take the shot, which fortunately Gebre Selassie stopped just right on the goal line.

From then on, Slovan came close to the goal more often. An interesting chance was performed by Frýdek, whom Ghali had found very well in the box. However, the young midfielder´s attempt was punctured by a defender on the corner. Shortly afterwards, Rondić circled the Teplice defender and got into a promising position. He then took it on and fired a sharp shot from the right side, but it was from a very sharp angle and the goalkeeper dealt with it expertly. Until the end of the half, the situation did not change, so it ended 0-0.

Until then, we had the greatest chance of the match in the 54th minute. After another great pass by Ghali, Tupta ran alone on the left side of the goalkeeper. However, goalkeepter Grigar ran out in time and kicked Tupta´s ground shot perfectly. The Teplice players then increased their commitment and soon achieved the desired result. After a corner kick, Žák got to the ball thanks to Kučer and he shot it towards the goal. Václav Sejk arranged the final shot with a quick run.

We had a great chance shortly after the conceded goal, thanks to Tupta´s excellent pass for defense and the subsequent escape of Faško. The Slovak player ran alone to the goalkeeper, only Hyčka chased him. In the final phase, however, he lacked accuracy, as he only hit the side net. Slovan then greatly strengthened the attack and rushed for the equalizer. Rabušic had the biggest opportunity of our team with his great finish. Although the ball fell into the goal, the goal was not recognized due to offside. We didn´t manage to equalize by the end of the match, so we lost 0: 1.

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