FC Slovan Liberec | Report: Dynamo Drážďany - Liberec 2:1
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Slovan lost 1:2 to Dynamo Dresden in preparatory match

Görlitz / Liberec - During the national break, Slovan played against the German second league team - SG Dynamo Dresden. The game was played at the stadium in Zhořelec (Görlitz) in front of a large crowd. The German team was the first to take the lead after a penalty, Slovan managed to equalise thanks to Tupta. However, in the 75th minute, Mörschel scored for the second time in the match and Liberec eventually lost 1:2 to Dresden.
Prep., Thursday 24.3.2022, 16:00
Dynamo Drážďany Dynamo Drážďany
Dynamo Drážďany: Mitryushkin (46. Liesegang) - Becker, Sollbauer, Knipping (C) (46. Stark), Aidonis - Will - Schröter (46. Diawusie), Mörschel (85. Giesen), Kade, Batista Meier (80. Menzel) - Drchal (80. Hoffman)

Substitutes: Liesegang - Stark, Diawusie, Giesen, Menzel, Haffke, Hollenbach, Hoffman

Liberec: Vliegen - Gebre Selassie (46. Kytka), Štetina, Mikula (46. Purzitidis), Mészáros (80. Šulc) - Frýdek (46. Havelka), Michal (58. Tiéhi), Faško (67. Polyák) - Ghali (C) (67. Králíček), Rabušic (46. Tupta), Matoušek (46. Stoch)

Substitutes: Knobloch - Purzitidis, Tiéhi, Šulc, Kytka, Havelka, Polyák, Tupta, Stoch, Králíček

Goals: 40. Mörschel (pen.), 75. Mörschel - 66. Tupta



Frýdek sent the first shot right at the beginning of the match, goalkeeper Mitryushkin watched the space near the bar and denied the attempt. In the seventh minute, Rabušic reached out in vain for a shot, missing the centre of Mészáros by a few centimetres. Dresden also threatened, in the eighth minute Drchal dribbled down the left side, but his shot lacked punch and Vliegen intervened. After a foul on Ghali, Faško played a centre, but although he didn’t threaten the goal, the ball fell through the box and ended up just wide of the right post.

In the 33rd minute, Schröter found himself all alone on the right side of the penalty area, Vliegen was out of the box in time to make a great save against the German. On the other side we saw a nice moment by Faško, he curled the ball to the near post after a standard situation, but it was a few numbers short of perfection. The same player had another chance a few minutes later. After a pass from Mészáros, Faško aimed a ground shot at the bar, but it missed the three bars. In the 39th minute, a penalty was whistled after a handball by Štetina in the penalty area, much to the delight of the home fans. Heinz Robert Mörschel took the penalty kick, sent Vliegen the other way and sent Dresden into the lead.

After the change of sides, substitute Kytka sent in a very neat shot from outside the box, but the Dresden goalkeeper managed to pull it out for a corner. In the 64th minute, one of the Dresden players headed a corner kick into the net, but the goal was disallowed because the ball flew out of the field of play. In the 66th minute, after a corner kick, there was confusion in the opponents’ penalty area. First, Mészáros finished with a shot, then the ball found its way to Purzitidis, who hesitated in a great opportunity, his attempt was still deflected by the goalkeeper. However, the well-placed Ľubomír Tupta won the ball and shot into the empty net to level the game at 1-1.

In the 70th minute, Vliegen made another excellent save, Kade shot from a very good distance and the Liberec goalkeeper had to stretch a lot to clear at least the corner kick. Five minutes later Diawusie wasted a good chance, shooting just over. However, in the same minute Polyák lost the ball and Heinz Robert Mörschel’s accurate shot into the right corner split the net, 2:1. Havelka tried to equalize for Liberec, but his shot was blocked by one of the defending players in the penalty area.

Three minutes before the end of regulation time, Králíček had a good chance to equalise. He tried to surprise Liesegang from the turnaround, with no success. We didn't see any more chances and Slovan lost to Dresden 1:2 in front of a big crowd.


Luboš Kozel (FC Slovan Liberec): I am glad that we could play this preparatory match, it was a very good test. We wanted to give a chance to players who may not have played so much in the league matches, which fulfilled the purpose. The result is not favourable for us. Although it is not the most important, it is unfortunate because I think we had a clearly more active start to the game. Unfortunately, we are almost unable to score and by half time we are losing, after such a penalty not penalty. In the second half we equalise, but we don't value it and offer our opponent a chance through our mistake, which ultimately decided the game. I'm glad we had the game, it showed me a lot of things about the individual players as well.

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